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The commercial profit model of industrial IOT is to be discussed.

Industrial IOT (iiot) is regarded by the market as the most priority area to show benefits in the development of the whole IOT industry. Therefore, relevant industries have invested resources, from the bottom of the data collection to the top of the data analysis, and the industry has shown vigorous vitality for a while. Only force resolution: 1/500000 is the development of industrial IOT in the market. So far, although there are more and more operators who are called complete solution suppliers, there are few who have actually gained wide use. How to establish a profit model as soon as possible has become one of the most urgent goals among operators

different from the previous application of consumer industry combined with IOT, based on the transformation and upgrading of global manufacturing industry, and even lock in the demand of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, the potential market of IOT is regarded as the most potential gold mine in industrial development at present

from the bottom of data collection, data transmission, to data analysis and storage, for the development of industrial IOT industry, from the initial production and platform to the later application scenario, with the industrial development becoming more mature, the upstream and downstream supply chains of related industries are becoming more and more complete, and at present, the supply chain has changed to the establishment of industrial ecosystem. The market concept of industrial IOT has gradually been shaped from its original fragmentation, diversification and customization

however, although industrial IOT is becoming more and more complete in industrial concept, form, application, even industrial supply chain and ecosystem, and more and more industry-related operators are investing in industry, there is still a lack of a successful operation/profit model that can be imitated by all operators in the market at present. Although some operators emphasize that they have built a complete industrial model based on the model established by the platform or ecosystem, it seems that there is still a long way to go to achieve the profit goal

in the development of the industrial IOT industry, the relevant industry should not only make the equipment systematic and intelligent, but also make the software service and data modeling. Only in this way can the industrial IOT be used to create practical benefits for the industry. However, in addition to the modeling of data, for the industry, this model must finally enter the stage of commercialization/commercialization. Only through the development of the whole commercialization can it have the opportunity to bring profits to the industry

at present, in the progress of model commercialization, most operators are prone to cracks in the wall. They are quite active in promoting on/off the table through different ways of cooperation, hoping to use the way of correcting the crowd to jointly expand the cake of the industry in a short time, but they still don't see a clear direction on how to convert the cake into real actual profits after it is expanded

of course, if software services are regarded as an additional bonus and stick to the stage of hardware platform, the profit-making mode is to focus on the sales of hardware products, and the positioning is quite clear

it's just that most industrial property operators want to be more than just hardware suppliers. Most of them hope to cut into software, application services and other aspects beyond hardware, which may include the follow-up data modeling. However, it is mainly used for metal and non-metal tensile, contraction, zigzag and other experiments. At present, it is understood that there are still some controversial space in this part, such as the gap between demand and supply, or how to measure the charging standard. Therefore, for many operators who can provide complete solutions from the bottom to the back end, there is room for discussion on how to evaluate and how to charge, which also makes the establishment of profit model more complex

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