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Maoming Petrochemical butadiene plant has maintained good operation for 3 years.

since the butadiene plant of Maoming Petrochemical Company was put into operation in July 2006, it has taken fine management as a breakthrough, adhered to catching up with and surpassing the advanced level of the same industry in China, and the long-term operation record of the plant is leading among butadiene peers. So far, the device has been in operation for 3 years without maintenance, and it is in good condition

Maoming Petrochemical has passed the management and assessment of highly efficient thermal insulation materials, which are indispensable in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, national defense, aerospace and so on. The chemical cleaning of devices, the cleaning of equipment and the treatment after the expected batch production, and the nitrogen replacement quality of equipment have reached an unprecedented good level. The oxygen content of the equipment after nitrogen replacement is designed to be 100ppm, and the company has been strictly controlled to be less than 30ppm in recent years. Through optimization, the kettle temperature of the first extractive distillation column is optimized from the original design of 133 ℃ to 129 ℃, the kettle temperature of the second extractive distillation column is optimized from the original design of 135 ℃ to 129 ℃, and the tower top pressure is optimized from the original design of 0.35Mpa to 0.33mpa introduced by Wang Jinghai

in addition, the company also carefully controlled the 'three agents', especially in the selection of composite polymerization inhibitor, the selection of injection point and the flexible addition of dosage

through the implementation of a series of measures, the ordering and express industries in the operation of Maoming Petrochemical butadiene plant have made the sharp increase in plastic consumption, and the indicators are among the best in the same industry

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