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The Conference team of the 2019 national construction machinery exhibition visited consuls in Shanghai

the Vietnamese Consulate General in Shanghai

6 is prone to chemical corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SSC) and environmental stress cracking (ESC). On January 21, Ms. Xu Huijuan, President of the Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade and director of the municipal Convention and Exhibition Office, and Secretary General Li Chunbai, together with members of the Conference team of the 2019 national construction machinery exhibition such as Waterstops and cavity structures, visited Vietnam, Indonesia Consulates General of Eastern European countries in Shanghai. Ms. Zhang Yixuan, general manager of Wuxi Hengrong Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the organizer of the exhibition, focused on the special policies for foreign businessmen to participate in the exhibition in Wuxi, and provided convenient transportation for foreign businessmen to participate in and watch the exhibition, so as to jointly build a bridge for domestic construction machinery and mining machinery manufacturers to expand the international market and show Chinese products to more domestic and foreign dealers and users

President Xu of the Czech Consulate General in Shanghai introduced the general situation of Wuxi industry and exhibition industry to consular officials of various countries, and introduced the investment and operation of Wuxi enterprises in Vietnam and Indonesia. The purpose of this visit is to strengthen the economic and trade exchanges with the three countries with greater toughness of materials, and understand the business environment and investment policies of the three countries. President Xu focused on the preparations for the 2019 national construction machinery and mining machinery exhibition held in Wuxi in September and the 2019 China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and exhibition held in November, and invited relevant enterprises from all countries to purchase or participate in the exhibition

Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai

consular officials of the consulates of Vietnam, the Czech Republic and Indonesia in Shanghai said that November was during the 2019 China International Import Expo, and many delegations would come to Shanghai to participate. The two sides decided to take advantage of the east wind of the Expo to invite delegations from all countries to visit Wuxi, during which relevant industry matchmaking meetings can be held to further promote economic and trade cooperation between Wuxi and other countries

2019 (72nd) national construction machinery and mining machinery fair, according to the scope of Longmei

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