The hottest Volvo excavator went deep into Ludian

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Volvo excavators go deep into Ludian to fight against the clock for rescue and rescue

Volvo excavators go deep into Ludian to fight against the clock for rescue and rescue in the past 210 years

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since the Ludian earthquake in Yunnan Province, the disaster and rescue situation has affected the hearts of all sectors of society. Under the leading organization and multi-party coordination of Volvo Construction equipment, at present, Volvo Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. looks very soft. Six excavators are fighting in the front line of the disaster area and stepping up the rescue channel

at the beginning of the earthquake, Volvo Construction Equipment cooperated with dealers to contact equipment users in many ways at the first time to understand personnel safety and equipment damage, and took the initiative to propose a series of measures, including free maintenance for damaged equipment, in the hope of reducing user damage to meet the new testing needs of the automotive industry. In addition, Volvo Construction equipment also took the local dealer Kunming yunwo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to urgently coordinate with customers, and deployed a total of 6 Volvo excavators to the front line to participate in the rescue and rescue operations. Accompanied by two local maintenance service personnel. With maintenance materials and common spare parts, they provided timely maintenance for Volvo excavators at the front line, regardless of the risk of life, and replaced spare parts for faulty equipment free of charge, so as to ensure that the equipment did not delay the rescue progress and maintain an efficient working state

Volvo Construction equipment will pay close attention to the progress of rescue work in disaster areas and will continue to contribute to saving lives and post disaster reconstruction

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