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Volvo trucks drive at full power in China and stop halfway after unloading. Guide: the largest Volvo truck company under the Volvo Group had a global sales revenue of 116.9 billion Swedish kroner (about 13billion euros) in 2003, accounting for more than 67% of the whole group. Volvo truck has ranked first in the sales of imported trucks in Europe and the United States for six consecutive years in China. Through 14 years of unremitting efforts in the Chinese market

the largest Volvo truck company under Volvo Group, its global sales revenue in 2003 was 116.9 billion Swedish kroner (about 13billion euros), accounting for more than 67% of the whole group. Volvo truck has ranked first in the sales volume of imported trucks from Europe and the United States for six consecutive years in China. Through 14 years of unremitting efforts in the Chinese market, Volvo truck has established a brand image as one of the world's best quality, luxury and comfortable trucks. At the same time, Volvo truck has won the reputation of commercial users for its highest safety, durability, profitability and best operating economy

Volvo trucks currently has the most complete product line in the Chinese market, including FL (ton), FM (ton) and FH (ton) in terms of haul distance and load; In terms of engine power, from 250hp to more than 500hp; In terms of models, they can be divided into tractors, dump trucks, concrete mixers, pump trucks, Van trucks and various chassis

Volvo truck company, which has always been committed to building a perfect value chain for customers, has built an absolutely first service with international top standards in major hub cities of China's highways through a large amount of investment since 2000. The largest spare parts warehouse among import manufacturers has been built in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, covering an area of 4000 square meters, a storage area of 30000 square meters, and more than 15000 kinds of spare parts in stock. The mobile service center, which integrates services, tools, accessories, office and life functions, together with the full dynamic service vehicle that provides 24-hour emergency rescue, has formed a powerful "full dynamic" three-dimensional interactive service guarantee system

since the 1990s, Volvo Group has been increasing its investment in China. In 1994, Volvo bus company and Xi'an Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. jointly established Xi'an Xiwo Bus Co., Ltd; In 1997, Wuxi DAHAO Power Co., Ltd. was jointly established with FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory; In 2000, Volvo bus company and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation jointly established Shanghai Shenwo Bus Co., Ltd; In 2001, Volvo Panda (China) consulting company was established; In 2001, Volvo Shanghai Parts Co., Ltd. was established to provide spare parts for Volvo's companies in China; In 2002, Volvo Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. was established, and its main products are articulated trucks, wheel loaders, excavators, etc; In April, 2003, Volvo Construction equipment company established its wholly-owned construction machinery production and manufacturing base in Pudong Jinqiao Development Zone, which was officially put into production; On June 9, 2003, Volvo truck company and China Heavy Duty Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. concluded the nine-year joint venture negotiation and held a grand signing ceremony for the production of heavy duty vehicles in Jinan at the diaoyutaistateguesthouse. This Jinan huawo truck Co., Ltd., approved by the Ministry of Commerce and jointly established by Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and China Heavy Duty Vehicle Group Corporation, mainly produces Volvo heavy duty trucks and various chassis fl/fm/fh series; On March 29th, 2004, Volvo Group signed an engine cooperation project with China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. and China FAW Group Corporation. On the same day, Volvo China headquarters was opened in Beijing; On March 31, the first batch of Volvo FM12 series heavy trucks produced by the joint venture will be successfully rolled off the production line in Jinan huawo truck Co., Ltd

Volvo trucks has set up a series of 4S service angstron raw material production capacity stations in all parts of China, including Beijing Woka Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou wohao Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Chengdu tiehongyuan Automobile Service Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nanning gangang Automobile Service Co., Ltd. and Nanjing suwo industry and Trade Co., Ltd. By 2005, it will reach 25, and by 2010, 60 maintenance service networks will be built all over the country

in order to provide national users with one-step transportation solutions with maximum efficiency, which are the important factors of neutral energy and accuracy. Volvo, together with its global strategic partners, including Mobil, Michelin, CIMC semi-trailer, Nanfang satellite, and many large-scale loading plants, has started customized integrated services in the Chinese market. When users buy a Volvo truck, they have the opportunity to enjoy a full range of products or services provided by the supplier alliance, such as high-quality oil products, tires, semi trailers, GPS systems and so on

since the mid-1970s, Volvo has sold more than 5000 heavy trucks in China, and 85% of the trucks are running on the national highways from Shanghai, Shenzhen to Dalian, Urumqi, etc. In addition to the container transportation mode mentioned above in promoting the implementation of waterborne polyurethane shoe adhesive market, it also includes construction trucks, cargo delivery trucks, and special applications, such as garbage trucks, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles. Volvo's well-known customers include large and medium-sized enterprises such as the Ministry of metallurgy of China, the Ministry of information industry, China Road and Bridge Corporation, China Unicom, COSCO, the people's Bank of China, Sinotrans, Shenzhen Yunrong company and Shandong electric power group, as well as many multinational companies

Volvo Group has long been committed to developing various friendly relations between China and Switzerland. In the 54 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Sweden and China, Volvo Group has played a decisive role in the exchanges between the political, business, cultural and sports circles of China and Switzerland

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