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Volvo H series wheel loaders shine on the stage

Volvo Construction equipment introduces new l45h and l50h wheel loaders with balanced structure and solid and reliable design style, which can fully demonstrate extraordinary performance even in a narrow operation site

January 2016 is a high-tech enterprise formed by gathering a team of domestic top powder metallurgy composite experts. On the 25th, Shanghai Volvo Construction Equipment officially launched H-series wheel loaders, which perform well under various working conditions. The above two models are equipped with Volvo's unique torque parallel (TP) linkage, which can not only output higher digging torque, but also achieve excellent parallel movement in the whole lifting stroke

long wheelbase, low center of gravity and reasonable weight distribution make the machine still have excellent stability in rugged and harsh terrain conditions. The high-strength central hinge and the heavy casting of large separation angle make the machine durable, compact and flexible design style, which provides a strong guarantee for its stable and powerful performance on the operation site. The powerful Volvo engine is installed horizontally, which can further improve the driving stability

l45h and l50h wheel loaders are equipped with Volvo intelligent load sensing hydraulic system, which can provide power for the hydraulic system according to actual needs. It can not only improve the response speed of the equipment, shorten the cycle cycle, but also effectively reduce fuel consumption. Equipment selection with the initial evaluation of ELG's materials by the fanguanghong research team of the advanced manufacturing technology research center of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, the boom suspension system (BSS) can absorb vibration, reduce rebound and material overflow in the bucket, so as to achieve a productivity increase of up to 20%

calmly deal with all kinds of terrain conditions

both l45h and l50h perform extraordinary on rugged surfaces and flat and smooth concrete roads. The optimized power system adopts a powerful engine, excellent transmission and axle, supplemented by the perfect combination of hydraulic system and steering system, which together give the loader unparalleled durability and reliability

the equipment is equipped with a durable Volvo engine that meets the Tier 4 final emission standard and can output high torque at low speed. The engine also has exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) function, and is equipped with integrated diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system

the axle equipped with heavy-duty planetary gear reducer ensures that the machine still has a long service life under the worst terrain conditions, and the 100% differential lock equipped on the front and rear axles adopts a tooth embedded clutch design, which can improve the grip of the machine and maintain 4 Load at the speed of (250 ± 50) n/s until the maximum traction force of the test piece is destroyed

l45h and l50h wheel loaders are equipped with static hydraulic transmission, which can transmit power according to the requirements of the operator, so as to achieve excellent control in fine operations and full power operation in more demanding operations. The hydraulic driven and electronically controlled cooling fan can adjust the temperature of all important components, and its reverse function can make the fan blow in reverse, so as to conveniently realize the self-cleaning of the cooling device

comfortable and pleasant operating environment

l45h and l50h loaders are equipped with the industry-leading Volvo caring cab, which enables the operator to enjoy the endless fun of efficient operation in a comfortable environment. The cab is strictly built according to rops/fops standards. At the same time, it has a powerful cab climate control system, and all control devices are arranged according to ergonomics. The operator can enjoy a full range of vision and a low-noise environment when operating. Molded cab roof and wall panels can minimize equipment noise and vibration and reduce operator fatigue

the comfortable driving control (CDC) function enables the operator to control the equipment through the joystick, so as to improve the comfort of operation and reduce fatigue, while improving the productivity of long-term operation of the equipment. Volvo cab climate control system realizes excellent control of the temperature in the cab through the optional automatic heating control (AHC) or air conditioning (AC), so as to create a comfortable and pleasant operating environment

the air inlet of the cab is installed high above the equipment to make the air cleaner. The external air will enter the pre filter that is easy to replace first, filter out large dust particles, and then enter the cab through the main filter, so that the operator can enjoy the comfort of fresh air. In order to improve the safety of the equipment, the equipment is also equipped with large anti-skid pedals and handrails for the driver to enter and exit the cab

the maintenance time is greatly shortened

the maintenance of Volvo l45h and l50h will be more convenient than before. The maintenance parts accessible from the ground and the centrally arranged lubrication points ensure the convenience and rapidity of maintenance. The swing rear axle support is installed on the maintenance free rear axle support. Its bearings and bushings are permanently lubricated and protected by proven seals, which can not only shorten the maintenance time, but also extend the normal operation time of the equipment. Equipment users can also use Volvo diagnostic analysis software to maximize the normal operation time of the equipment. Among them, matrix is responsible for analyzing the operation data of the equipment, while vcads Pro is responsible for adjusting the equipment functions accordingly

it is easy to replace the accessories

the wheel loader is equipped with a large number of accessories, which can perfectly match the geometric structure of its connecting rod arm, so as to produce the best digging force, traction force and lifting force. The two models can be installed with additional hydraulic pipelines before leaving the factory for the operation of auxiliary devices

Volvo's standard vab-std (TPV) hydraulic accessory support, which conforms to international ISO standards, can improve the speed and safety of accessory device replacement, so as to make the machine more flexible on the job site. The high-strength and open support design enables the operator to see the accessory parts clearly in the cab. Equipped with Volvo vab-tpz accessory bracket, users can easily replace accessories through tpz interface. The smooth support design makes the attachment and the machine more closely connected, so as to carry more payload

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