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Volvo Group won the "Golden Bee · Leader Enterprise Award"

Volvo Group won the "Golden Bee · Leader Enterprise Award"

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Beijing - on June 5, at the 2014 "Golden Bee enterprise society · China list" release ceremony, Volvo Group China won the "Golden Bee · Leader Enterprise Award" for its outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable development. The award, released by the WTO economic guide, aims to commend enterprises that have made great contributions to China's sustainable development and social construction. It is reported that more than 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises participated in the selection

Volvo Group won the "Golden Bee leader assumption can't handle the questionable Enterprise Award"

Huang Zheng, director of public affairs and corporate society of Volvo Group in China, delivered a speech

"As a negative corporate citizen, Volvo Group has rooted the concept of sustainable development in its corporate development strategy and daily use of plastic waste, including mold manufacturing tolerances that do not specify dimensional tolerances. Tolerances of No. 1 are used. For example, it often takes a lot of energy to cut and grind things made of PLA into small particles. We are committed to providing sustainable transportation solutions. At the same time, we have also taken a series of measures to promote Promote the development and progress of the whole society in the field of safety and environmental protection, such as road safety education and carbon emission reduction. " Malin Ripa, senior vice president of corporate society of Volvo Group, said, "this award is a great encouragement for us. In the future, we will work harder to contribute to the sustainable development of the world and China."

in recent years, Volvo Group has launched an enterprise social project "promoting social progress" all over the world. In order to promote the implementation of this project in China, Volvo Group China has carried out a series of local activities

in November 2014, Volvo Group China launched the "Volvo truck Green Driving Academy" project to help truck drivers establish the driving concept of safe driving and green driving. More than 90 drivers signed up for the first phase of the project and received a two-week comprehensive training. The "Green Driving Academy" has created a good platform for the career development of truck drivers and met the common needs of stakeholders such as drivers, traffic management departments, customers and fleet managers. In addition, Volvo Group China has also cooperated with the road traffic safety research center of the Ministry of public security to launch the "Volvo Group traffic safety class" employee volunteer project. In Beijing, Shanghai and other cities with the busiest traffic in China, volunteers of Volvo Group teach primary school students traffic safety knowledge, help them improve safety awareness and reduce road traffic accidents

at the same time, as the first transportation enterprise to join the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) "carbon emission reduction pioneer" project, Volvo Group is actively carrying out feasibility studies and other work in China, including the construction of Purell kt mr07, which can be applied to a large number of fields to set up zero emission plants, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the local area

"Volvo Group regards education, safety and environmental protection as an important part of corporate society. A series of related activities we have carried out have achieved good social repercussions." Huang Zheng, director of public affairs and corporate society of Volvo Group in China, said, "sustainable development requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. In the future, Volvo Group will continue to deepen cooperation with our customers, governments, scientific research institutions, non-governmental organizations and enterprises with the same values to jointly promote the progress of the whole society."

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