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Volvo's top talent starts a new journey to practice fuel efficiency

Volvo's top talent starts a new journey to practice fuel efficiency

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Volvo's top talent starts a new journey to save fuel and practice fuel efficiency for industry practitioners

from August 1, practitioners in the construction machinery industry can participate in the registration through the official designated channels, and the new participation mode is seamlessly connected to the real-time interactive customized experience

after months of careful preparation, Volvo Construction equipment investment (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Volvo Construction Equipment") recently announced that the fourth Volvo champion will embark on a new journey of fuel saving and practice fuel efficiency for practitioners in the machinery industry in this project across the country. From now on, immediately pay attention to the service number of "Volvo engineering machinery talent exchange" or log in to the event officer, and then you can easily complete the event registration

"over the past three years, Volvo Pioneer has always been based on the actual needs of the industry, and through continuous self innovation, it has implemented the fuel efficiency strategy to help China's construction machinery industry fulfill its green environmental protection mission." Ms. Li Fangyu, vice president of Volvo Construction Equipment China, said: "this year, we have made a new adjustment to dig Zhanda people, aiming to bring unparalleled interactive experience to each participant, help more practitioners improve their core competitiveness and promote the sustainable development of China's engineering machinery industry."

it is reported that based on the previous activities, the 2014 Dezhan talent will realize multiple innovations in content and form to better meet the different needs of participants. The activity will be comprehensively built into a national fuel saving alliance to help practitioners improve their skills, make friends and interact, and show individuals, so that all participants can benefit from it:

deepen the concept of fuel saving and consumption reduction, and continue to improve the industry level: in addition to participating in the "Volvo green fuel saving driving training" for free, participants can also improve their overall technical level through a variety of professional theoretical training and practical exercises

expand the audience of the event to comprehensively cover industry practitioners: the audience of this event will extend from previous excavator operators to construction machinery industry practitioners including machine owners and customers. Through various forms of interactive content, it brings unique activity experience to different participants

a variety of activities to participate in the combination of tailor-made fuel-saving experience: the new "digging war expert" will be targeted at excavator operators, machine owners, customers, etc. Shandong Southeast University, Shandong University of science and technology and scientific research institutes will work closely with the group to set up a variety of participation mode options, and participants can flexibly choose participation and interaction methods according to their actual needs, and enjoy it

integration and service upgrading of the online and offline overall force platform: the activity launched a new "Volvo Construction Machinery darenhui" account, which is a comprehensive digital platform created by Volvo Construction equipment for practitioners in China's construction machinery industry. It is a practical functional interaction for industry insiders

from August 1, you can sign up for the event by paying attention to the service number of "Volvo engineering machinery talent exchange", logging in to the event officer, or consulting local dealers. At the same time, you can also participate in various interactions such as fuel-saving journey, game entertainment, popularity competition, etc., and win exquisite gifts. Please look forward to more wonderful

Volvo Construction equipment in China

Volvo Construction equipment is the world's leading construction equipment manufacturer and a trusted partner in China. For more than 180 years, Volvo Construction equipment has led the industrial transformation with its excellent quality, solid safety commitment, innovative technological achievements and constantly optimized customer service concept. Volvo Construction equipment has also fully invested its most advanced environmental protection solutions in cooperation with China to help the industry and China achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development

Volvo Construction equipment belongs to Volvo Group according to the company's introduction on the crowdfunding page. Power units: kPa, psi (lbs/in^2), kgf/cm^2 so far, Volvo Construction equipment has established regional headquarters in China that integrate sales, logistics, R & D, procurement, financial services and other departments, two production bases and a technology research and development center. Its products cover almost all engineering machinery fields - General equipment, pavement machinery, small equipment, etc. The dealer network in all provinces and autonomous regions of China (except Tibet) enables the company to more effectively grasp the pulse of the market and meet customer needs. Volvo Construction equipment has more than 900 high-quality employees in China and is committed to achieving common growth through local talent development programs

in addition, the investment in Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and the dual brand strategy of "Volvo" and "Shandong Lingong" have helped Volvo Construction equipment effectively expand its customer base and laid a leading position in China's excavator and loader market

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