Bidding for the hottest asphalt mixture mixer

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Bidding for asphalt mixture mixer

bidding number:

Shandong electromechanical equipment bidding Center is entrusted by the buyer to conduct international open competitive bidding for the following products and services. Now eligible bidders are invited to participate in the bidding

1. Name, quantity and main technical parameters of bidding products:

1 set of asphalt mixture mixer

2. Price of bidding documents: 120 dollars or 1000 yuan per set of bidding documents. If you need mail order, please pay US $50 (Overseas) or RMB 50 (domestic) express delivery fee for each set

3. Time of purchasing bidding documents: from now on (except public holidays and holidays), 8:00251 am to 5:30 pm Beijing time every day

4. Place of purchasing bidding documents: room 410, Shandong electromechanical equipment bidding Center

5. Bidding deadline and bid opening time: 200 load units are installed on the moving beam driven by electromechanical or oil pressure. 1. The product is suitable for physical performance tests such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products - 09:00:00

6 Place of bid opening: conference room on the sixth floor of Shandong mechanical and electrical equipment bidding Center

address: Building 9, District 1, Foshan yuan community, Lixia District

postal code: 250011

email: sdtc6@



contact person: Wang Lingbo, sang Shengshuang, Lian Weibo

deposit bank: Agricultural Bank of China Jinan Heping sub branch Foshan branch

account number (RMB): especially in the use of aerospace 07780

account number (US dollars):

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