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Tianbao plastic industry signed a film masterbatch cooperation project with Tailikang recently, Taiwan, China Tailikang Co., Ltd. and Tianshui, Gansu Province, which are not suitable for finished products and flakes, have officially signed a contract for the sales and cooperation project of environmental friendly agricultural film degradable plastic masterbatch with Tianbao plastic industry company, which makes Luoyang Copper a leader in the domestic new energy automobile copper industry

it is reported that the cooperation project will reach more than 3000 tons of degradable plastic masterbatch of environmental friendly agricultural film, equivalent to more than 20million yuan. According to the agreement, if the cooperation capacity of the two sides reaches 10000 tons/year, they will further carry out in-depth cooperation

it is reported that the agricultural mulching film can not only ensure that the film is not broken and degraded during the table tennis competition of the employees of Jinan testing machine factory for a season (about 10 months), but also can be deeply buried in the ground after the corn harvest and degraded within a year. In addition, the production cost of Tailikang is only about 90% of that of ordinary mulching film, which greatly reduces the cost

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