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Tianhua holdings helped Chaori sun develop the photovoltaic market in Japan

Chaori sun and Tianhua holdings officially signed a contract yesterday in Beijing to jointly build a photovoltaic power station project with a total amount of 100MW in Japan. Ni Kailu, chairman of Chaori sun, said that through this cooperation project, the company's component sales will increase this year, and its business performance will improve accordingly

it is understood that the total investment of Japanese photovoltaic projects with a total amount of 100MW is expected to reach 37.5 billion yen, and most of the funds will be obtained through loans from financial institutions and other channels. This time, the two sides agreed that the total capital required to be invested is 7.5 billion yen. Among them, Tianhua holdings contributed about 4.875 billion yen and held 65%, while Chaori sun contributed about 2.625 billion yen and participated in 35%. The two sides agreed to jointly develop this Japanese power station project in 2012

Chaori Solar has formed a vertically integrated industrial chain system from ingots, rods, and electromechanical crystalline silicon solar cells to battery modules. The solar modules manufactured have sold well in mainstream photovoltaic markets such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States, and won a reputation in the global solar industry. It is reported that the comprehensive index evaluation of the quality and user satisfaction of solar energy products produced by non German companies in the German market in 2009 by a third-party professional organization in February and after removing the residue in the oil tank shows that "super sun" products rank second after sharp in Japan. Tianhua holdings, headquartered in Shanghai, is a company engaged in photovoltaic terminal market development, project investment and financing The angle system adopts double acting servo cylinder and is fixed on the base of the vertical host The double acting servo cylinder, angle plate, ball club and support seat constitute the angle system According to the samples of different sizes, the length of the spherical rod can be changed to meet the experimental requirements of different specimen thicknesses. A global multinational company engaged in design, construction and operation management is committed to providing photovoltaic power station project resources with subsidized electricity prices and photovoltaic power station products completed in construction worldwide. It has set up more than 10 subsidiaries in major photovoltaic product application markets in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa

in the face of the reduction of European subsidy policies and the gradual shrinkage of the market in 2012, the double anti investigation of some target markets against Chinese photovoltaic products, and the fierce competition among domestic peers, at present, the profit space of traditional solar module manufacturing is becoming increasingly narrow. As an upstream enterprise of photovoltaic manufacturing, Chaori sun has expanded to downstream businesses with the help of the business model adjustment implemented in recent years. This cooperation between super sun and Tianhua holdings for the Japanese photovoltaic market is a new model exploration of strong cooperation between Chinese photovoltaic module manufacturers and independent photovoltaic power station development and operation providers

Ni Kailu stressed yesterday that as the solar power plant project has the characteristics of controllable cost, predictable income and strong stability, the cooperation between the two sides on the power plant project in Japan shows that we are cooperating with enterprises rich in market resources to increase the share of our component products in overseas emerging solar markets

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