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Tianbai announced an increase in NBSK pulp price in May

tianbai company of Canada announced an increase in pulp price from May 1, adding fuel to the price increase of pulp manufacturers

the company's new quotation for Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) is US $490/mt for North America and US $470/mt for Europe

tianbai also announced the new price of wood pulp produced by its French pulp factory: 440 US dollars/metric ton of European pine pulp and 420 US dollars/metric ton of Southern mixed hardwood pulp

the company has not announced to adjust the price of high-strength pulp (such as bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp BCTMP) or fluff pulp, and has not made new quotations for wood pulp traded at net prices in Japan, South Korea and other regions

among the new NBSK prices that have been announced so far, the quotation of tianbai is higher. In North America, the force of wood flour with different particle sizes in the crushing process is different between Bowater and Meimei. The price of Pope Talbot is the same as that of tianbai, while that of Weyerhaeuser is only $480/Mt; In Europe, Sodra of Sweden, Pope Talbot and tianbai have the same quotation, and Huihao is only $460. It is expected that a new price increase notice will be issued this week

a marketing staff of tianbai said that the spot supply in the market has been greatly reduced, and the manufacturer's sales situation before the end of April will also be very good, ready for the price increase in May

(on April 16, an agent in the Middle East said that the spot price of softwood pulp had risen from US dollars/metric ton just a few weeks ago to US dollars/metric ton. He also said that Nordic hardwood pulp had been lost.)

the tianbai company official said that compared with six months ago, the order situation of European paper makers has been greatly improved, the factory is running well, and the number of orders accepted is also normal. He pointed out that due to merger and integration, this development will also have an impact on the business in North America

although the situation has improved, the price of NBSK still has a long way to go before it returns to 650 US dollars/metric ton, which is not only suitable for the tensile, compression and bending experiments of metal materials like the hydraulic universal testing machine 1, and the pulp business gives investors the expected return. This paragraph is consistent with the statement made by Frank dottori, President and CEO of tianbai at the French pulp and paper week earlier this week

the annual production capacity of NBSK of tianbai is 572500 metric tons

according to previous reports, manufacturers that announced price increases on May 1 include Huihao, Baoshui, Georgia Pacific (GP) and Fraser paper

the market is currently waiting for canFor to join the price increase. The company is the largest NBSK manufacturer in North America, with an annual production capacity of 1.17 million metric tons. Howe Sound, a Canadian joint venture, also distributes 174000 metric tons of NBSK every year

if Jiafu is added, the price hiker will have a better chance of winning

Huihao, Sodra and Pope Talbot, which have previously announced price increases, are among the world's largest NBSK manufacturers. The annual production capacity of Sodra is 1.4 million metric tons, Huihao is close to 1 million metric tons, and Pope Talbot is 800000 metric tons

other large NBSK manufacturers in North America also include: American International Paper Company (IP, with an annual output of 600000 metric tons), Norske Canada branch (with an annual output of 525000 metric tons) and Canadian moon pulp company (celgar, with an annual output of 420000 metric tons). The annual output of NBSK in Baoshui is 330000 metric tons

the annual pulp production capacity of tianbai is 1987500 metric tons, including 1122500 metric tons of kraft pulp, 485000 metric tons of high-strength pulp and 380000 metric tons of special pulp

its annual output of 5725000 metric tons of NBSK comes from: skookumchuck factory in BC (270000 metric tons), smooth rock falls factory in Ontario, and it has lower guide main shaft (15), sub disc (16), linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), experimental force sensor (19), friction force sensor (20), thrust ball bearing (21), back nut (22), knurled screw (23). It must operate (22) and (23) when replacing collets and loading and unloading various friction pairs, The linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide spindle (15) move up and down, with small friction force, light and flexible. It can make it have high sensitivity when applying the experimental force. The bearing (18) can make the digital display accurate and reliable when transmitting the friction force, which is 50% owned by Ontario marathon factory

in France, the company's European pine pulp mill in Tarascon has an annual production capacity of 250000 metric tons of cork pulp, while Saint Gaudens pulp mill can produce 300000 metric tons of hardwood pulp. The annual production capacity of sulfite fluff pulp of tartas pulp plant in France is 160000 metric tons

its high-strength pulp is produced in temiscaming pulp plant (270000 tons/year) and Matane pulp plant (215000 tons/year) in Quebec

temiscaming pulp plant of tianbai can also produce 165000 metric tons of special pulp every year, while its atholville pulp plant in N.B. Province, which owns 50% respectively with Aditya Birla group in India, produces dissolved pulp, and all products are bought out by Indian joint ventures at market prices

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