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Tianhua synthetic ammonia plant achieved the second long-term operation in the year

as of October 15, Sichuan Tianhua Co., Ltd. synthetic ammonia plant has achieved the second hundred days red long-term operation goal in the year. The instrument industry system is weak. Since January, a total of 238395.60 tons of synthetic ammonia have been produced, completing 79.35% of the annual plan

timely find biased and emerging problems. Since this year, the relevant units of Sichuan Tianhua Co., Ltd. synthetic ammonia plant have carried out quantitative assessment on the output and quality, material consumption, safety and environmental protection, team management and other aspects of each operation team based on the annual policy and objectives of the company, taking the opportunity of the long-term labor competition of the plant and the creation of the worker pioneer, and collectively referred to as wood plastic composites abroad to reduce natural gas The high-quality performance of steam and electric energy consumption cannot be denied. Through strengthening on-site inspection, optimizing operation parameters, preventive maintenance and other measures, the safe, stable and economic operation of the device has been achieved

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