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Tianguan fully degradable plastic has an annual output of 25000 tons of fiber. Pladistribution, a material dealer headquartered in Leicestershire, saw the strong growth of Exxon Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate in the automotive market. The official production of ethanol

on February 19, we saw a busy production scene in Tianguan Group. Zhangxiaoyang, general manager of the company, told that Tianguan had expanded the production scale of fully degradable plastics from 5000 tons to 25000 tons per year. At the same time, after the successful trial production of 3000 tons of cellulosic ethanol last December, it is being organized to officially start production. After this pure biomass enterprise that eats grass and spits out clean energy matures into a horizontal enterprise, it will begin to replicate many such new energy enterprises in the Central Plains and even the whole country. Tianguan, based on the ongoing green revolution, is full of vitality

continue to extend and sublimate the green concept

Tianguan. Before the restructuring, it was Nanyang general alcohol factory, an enterprise with alcohol as the leading product. In the 1990s, during the transition and transformation of the planned economy, the alcohol industry encountered an unprecedented crisis. At that time, there were 16 brother manufacturers similar to Nanyang general alcohol factory in the country, and 15 of them closed down or changed production. At that time, the decision-making level of Tianguan was inspired by the formulation of comprehensive utilization and cleaner production at that time, and formulated the development strategy based on alcohol, led by alcohol deep processing, and based on comprehensive utilization and comprehensive development, which consolidated the alcohol foundation, lengthened the alcohol industry chain, and produced biogas, carbon dioxide, feed and other comprehensive utilization products. Based on this, the enterprise resisted risks and established a green concept

at the end of the last century, Tianguan began to extend the green concept and took the lead in proposing the development and production of fuel ethanol, which was strongly supported by the state. In April, 2001, Tianguan built the first 200000 ton fuel ethanol production plant in China that relied on the original production line, and then a new 300000 ton production line. Up to now, the enterprise has produced 1.19 million tons of fuel ethanol. After measurement, the average values of CO and HC in the ethanol promotion area decreased by 30.8% and 13.4% respectively, and the environmental protection benefits brought by green energy are very prominent

Tianguan further sublimates the green concept, focusing on the research and development of fiber ethanol, biodiesel, ethanol diesel, etc. The first fiber ethanol production line in China has been successfully pilot produced in Tianguan. It uses straw, vegetation, leaves and even garbage to produce clean energy, opening up the road of renewable energy industrialization. The PPC fully degradable plastic produced by Tianguan has no inferior to ordinary plastic products in use, and it can be completely degraded under the action of bacteria within a short time after being thrown away as garbage

take nature, use it for nature, and return to nature. The 12 bold characters seen in Tianguan Group have been integrated into the minds of Tianguan people. The green concept has become a strong ideological basis for Tianguan people to implement the green revolution

adhere to the road of circular economy

experts told that Tianguan's main industry is the production of ethanol by biological fermentation. It was originally an industry with high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, but in recent years, Tianguan has achieved healthy development and has been listed as the first batch of pilot units of circular economy in China. The key is that Tianguan has embarked on an all-round circular economy

combined with the actual industry, build a cycle model. For example, fuel ethanol production requires a large water consumption of 1:10. In the design and construction of the new plant, Tianguan will build a pollution treatment plant to introduce surface water from nearby rivers for purification and recycling. At present, the purified surface water reaches 5600 tons per hour, and the production water of enterprises is reduced from 100 tons per unit to less than 13 tons

lengthen the industrial chain and implement multi-level value-added. The development of Tianguan gluten is the most convincing. The production of alcohol and fuel ethanol is mainly through the extraction of sugar from grain fermentation, and the protein composition of grain often becomes a by-product. The gluten extracted by Tianguan from the processed grain protein is in short supply in the international market. At present, Tianguan has become the most important gluten export base in China. In Tianguan, more than 20 products that lengthen the industrial chain, such as bran, gluten, biological disintegration, biogas, carbon dioxide, PPC plastics, organic fertilizers, have become the new points of enterprise benefits and economic support for the development of new products

adhere to comprehensive development and strengthen waste resource utilization. Carbon dioxide is the largest unused waste resource in the process of alcohol production in the world. Through years of research and development, Tianguan uses carbon dioxide to polymerize PPC fully degradable plastic, a high-tech product, which will play a decisive role in finally solving the world problem of white pollution. The biogas products developed and produced by Tianguan with alcohol filtrate have a maximum annual output of 18million cubic meters. More than 200000 residents in Nanyang use biogas as as domestic gas, making it the first biogas city in China

strengthen the ability of independent innovation

Tianguan Group has implemented the green revolution and achieved great results. Independent innovation is an important driving force. In the interview, I heard the unanimous words of the company's boss, workshop director, technical backbone, rubber shock absorber with good performance, and ordinary employees: without the innovative technology platform of Tianguan Group, there would be no scientific and technological innovation achievements of Tianguan today

Tianguan Group built its scientific research base in the scientific research center city a few years ago, and implemented the development with the help of brain. The enterprise has a cooperative research office with Tsinghua University, has set up Tianzhiguan national high-level R & D base in Shanghai, and has long-term cooperative relations with more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. At present, there are 12 professor level experts, 56 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows participating in enterprise science and technology development and project research

continuously strengthen the ability of independent innovation, so that Tianguan has occupied the commanding height of science and technology, with the scientific research support of the green revolution. In recent years, the enterprise has obtained 124 scientific research achievements, including 17 at the national level, 56 at the provincial and ministerial level, 16 important invention patents and special technologies, and a number of achievements have been promoted in the same industry throughout the country. The bio energy mixing technology for biogas production of the enterprise has not only won the national invention patent, but also attracted the attention of relevant United Nations departments, and has been listed as a world-wide promotion value project of continuous stretching of rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed; As a key scientific research project of the tenth five-year plan, the new material 1,3 propylene glycol project has passed the national achievement acceptance, making Tianguan Group the second enterprise in the world to industrialize the technology after DuPont; Tianguan's fuel ethanol production process fully relies on the development of independent intellectual property rights, has a number of innovative achievements, and is at the international leading level. In particular, the diversified cleaner production technology of raw materials has a great impact on the world, and many countries are negotiating technical cooperation with enterprises

Tianguan insists on deepening reform and stimulating the vitality of enterprises in the implementation of the green revolution. In the eight years since 1999, the average growth rate of asset scale and sales revenue of Tianguan Group has reached 68.98% and 146.84%. At present, the annual sales revenue of the enterprise has reached 3.1 billion yuan. The green revolution has opened up a vast space for enterprises. The most common one is the so-called "crawling", and Tianguan is full of vitality

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