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Tianjian ERP Henderson industrial case

Shunde Henderson Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, with convenient transportation, superior environment, and adjacent to Hong Kong. At present, it has developed into a well-known manufacturer of air conditioning accessories in China

Henderson started its business in 1989, with a registered capital of 4.5 million yuan in the initial period. Shunde Hengji Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. Over the past ten years, it has grown from small to large. With the development of China's home appliance industry, it has rapidly grown into a well-known enterprise in China's home appliance accessories industry, covering an area of 26000 square meters, a plant area of more than 30000 square meters, a staff dormitory of 5825 square meters, and a total asset of more than 150million yuan. Among them, there are more than 300 professional technical and management personnel and more than 1000 employees. The enterprise is composed of five professional departments (precision valves, pipe fittings, thermal insulation and bonding materials, shock absorption and sealing materials, and the Ministry of import trade)

in the process of continuous development and expansion of the company to speed up the speed of product launch to the market, Henderson industries has always adhered to the quality policy of "implementing modern management, taking advanced technology as the root, striving for perfection as the foundation, making zero defect products, creating first-class services and ensuring user satisfaction". It has continuously introduced advanced technology and is in line with the international market. It has been rated as "quality trustworthy unit" and "trustworthy unit" by relevant provincial and municipal units for many times Foreign famous household appliance enterprises were rated as "A-level cooperative enterprises" and passed the ISO9002 quality system certification at the beginning of 1998. At the same time, with sophisticated production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing means and sound marketing network, the products have been applied in many domestic manufacturers with high popularity that can analyze the results of all tests, and have been applied and favored in multinational companies in advanced countries and related famous brand products at home and abroad

the necessity and objectives of implementing ERP

management is the lifeblood of enterprises. In the process of continuous development and expansion, Henderson industry also exposed the following problems:

the inventory backlog of products and materials is serious, occupying a large amount of working capital of enterprises

the product quality cannot be tracked in time, and the product qualification rate is low

the production capacity did not respond in time, resulting in heavy production planning workload and long production cycle

the information circulation and response speed of enterprises at all levels are slow

in order to effectively solve these problems, Henderson industries decided to implement ERP system in the enterprise after thinking and demonstration. Under the premise of the overall planning, Henderson ERP takes the step-by-step implementation as the policy, and its preliminary goal reflects the idea of practicality:

reduce the backlog of inventory and reduce the occupation rate of enterprise working capital

improve the qualified rate of products

improve the production cycle of the enterprise and make full use of the production capacity of the enterprise

Henderson industrial ERP plan is divided into two phases: the first phase implements inventory, sales, procurement, production, workshop management, equipment and quality modules; After the completion of the first phase project, the second phase module will be implemented. The main implementation contents of the second phase project include finance (accounting treatment, accounts receivable and payable), cost accounting, human resource management, salary management and other modules

the goal of phase I project is to complete the integration of enterprise logistics information and prepare for the integration with capital flow in the next phase. And through the implementation of ERP, the business process of the enterprise is optimized, so that the management level of the enterprise is raised to a new level, the competitiveness of the enterprise is improved, the inventory backlog is reduced, and the product quality is improved

the goal of phase II project is to complete the integration of enterprise capital flow and logistics, and complete the integration of all resources of the enterprise

the process of selecting ERP products and service providers

erp is different from general software. The implementation object of ERP is manufacturing enterprises, which covers a wide range of areas and is the software of image management. Chinese enterprises generally have great differences in management mode and management mode. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to "tailor" ERP software. Choosing an ERP suitable for their own enterprises is the key first step for enterprises to implement ERP successfully

Henderson industries is very careful in choosing ERP. The company first makes a comprehensive investigation of ERP products and service providers, and then enters the small bag packaging of other condiments, which is not far from the implementation of ERP, The selection of ERP by the company mainly goes through the following steps:

the examination of ERP software products and the examination and repeated comparison of ERP developers and service providers (the maturity of ERP products, the technical strength of developers, the implementation mode of service providers and the services they provide, etc.)

then choose ERP products suitable for your own enterprise, and then proceed to the next step

the enterprise invites ERP service providers to the enterprise for ERP training, so that all business departments of the enterprise can understand the management concept of ERP

select a service provider to implement ERP

after the above "four passes", Guangzhou Tianjian company stood out among many peers and signed an ERP system implementation contract with Henderson PC to improve the performance of ABS in July, 2001

the modules included in the implementation of ERP by enterprises

Henderson ERP system mainly includes inventory, sales, procurement, production management (including main production plan, material demand plan, capacity demand plan, production scheduling and other functions), workshop management, equipment management, quality management, financial management (accounting processing, accounts receivable and payable), cost accounting, human resource management, salary management and other modules

steps for enterprises to implement ERP system

the ERP system implemented by Shunde Hengji Industrial Co., Ltd. is based on the prototype products of Guangzhou Tianjian company and is implemented through the customization process. Therefore, the implementation process is carried out according to the "five steps of implementation" formed by Tianjian company:

1) business process reengineering (BRP) suggestions are put forward on the basis of demand research and analysis of enterprises and enterprise diagnosis, Assist enterprises in business process reengineering and management transformation

2) prototype product testing and detailed design

on the premise of basic data preparation, through module by module testing of prototype products provided by Tianjian company, confirm the functions that need secondary development (customization), and carry out detailed design on this basis

3) customized development

carry out customized development based on prototype products according to the detailed design report approved by both parties

4) system implementation

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