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Delta creates high-level automation system integration solutions on August 7, Delta Electronics today announced the launch of the first medium-sized modular programmable controller (PLC) -ah500 series whose software and hardware are all self-made by Chinese people. It adopts a more flexible system expansion architecture and more diversified module options. For long-distance high-level industrial equipment, the surface quenching hardness is hrc58 (6) 2, and the service life can reach several 10 years, so it is required to expand the backplane, The distance between backboards can be up to 100 meters, which is 5 times more than the distance between backboards of 20 meters in the market, greatly improving the flexibility of wiring, reducing the construction cost of wiring, and providing more environmentally friendly and energy-saving automation solutions

Zhang xunhai, the general manager of Delta Electromechanical business department, said that even if the user has chosen a suitable stepping electromechanical and ball screw loading experimental equipment, Delta has been deeply involved in the field of industrial automation for more than ten years and has made very good achievements in the small PLC market. In order to comply with the trend of industrial upgrading and expansion of application fields, we invested in the research and development of medium and large-scale PLC three years ago to develop products suitable for medium and high-level factory automation and building automation. After all, the electrical performance of aluminum cable is still relatively high and the process automation field. The ah500 series released today is an important milestone for Delta to enter the medium-sized PLC market. In recent years, Delta has gradually transformed itself into a provider of system integration and solutions. The ah500 series mainly focuses on industrial applications such as textile machinery, food machinery and electronic machine tools in the OEM market, as well as solutions for public facilities, central air conditioning system (HVAC) and building automation. It is expected to meet the different needs of high-level customers for medium-sized PLC

Delta ah500 series adopts a dual core multiprocessor, with a maximum program capacity of 256K steps and a data register of 64K words. The high-speed program processing capacity can process 1K steps in 0.3 milliseconds. In addition, the CPU of ah500 series has built-in Ethernet (Ethernet) communication port and hot plug function, which allows the user to directly replace the module without shutdown, avoiding possible losses caused by system shutdown, and greatly improving the maintainability in case of module failure. With its complete hardware and software integration function, users can easily and quickly combine delta inverter, servo motor, man-machine interface, visual system and temperature controller to achieve an intelligent solution for high-level industrial machinery and system integration

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