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Delta intelligent technology helps the development of elevator industry

in recent years, China's elevator export has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, and the elevator industry has gradually become an important industry in China. China Elevator Association predicts that in the next five years, the domestic market and export market of China's vertical elevator and escalator market will account for 1/2 and 1/3 of the entire global market respectively, and will remain the world's largest elevator market for quite a long time in the future, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. The elevator market has a broad prospect

figure: Delta ied elevator all-in-one machine appearance

the elevator industry has developed by leaps and bounds, benefiting from the huge market demand brought by the improvement of national urban infrastructure, transportation, housing and business environment in the past decade. The number of elevator manufacturing enterprises has increased sharply, but the homogenization of elevator products is serious. With the market becoming more and more mature, the competition situation among enterprises has deteriorated, and the industrial development is facing a bottleneck

as a world-class enterprise in the field of industrial control, Delta has a deep technical accumulation in elevator special frequency converter and integrated machine control system, bringing environmental friendly, efficient and stable automation control solutions to China's elevator industry. Since the late 1990s, some manufacturers in mainland China have started to use Delta general M series frequency converters to apply to the door control system in the elevator industry, with good response. In order to provide better solutions for customers, 20 testing machine factory fixture function in 2005 delta launched a special frequency converter M-D for elevator door control, which was recognized by customers in the elevator industry. VVVF variable frequency speed regulation technology has been widely used in modern AC speed regulation elevator drive control system. As a leading brand of industrial automation, Delta has carried out technical integration and development. In 2008, it launched a special frequency converter for vfd-vl series universal testing machine structure requirements applied to the elevator industry. It uses mature frequency conversion and speed regulation technology to strive to improve the elevator drive control performance and improve the elevator operation quality

with the rapid development of electronic technology, the elevator integrated control technology that integrates elevator logic control and variable frequency drive control has become mature, and is favored by elevator manufacturers and elevator transformation clients for its excellent performance, economic efficiency, safety and reliability. Delta is designed in accordance with the ul/ce standard and officially launched the IED elevator all-in-one machine in 2011

Mr. fengjiaping, the elevator industry manager of Zhongda Diantong, said that in the past, elevator control used to take the main controller as the core to collect the status of peripheral components, and then control the driver to drive the traction machine to drive the elevator. This control mode requires a large number of items to be integrated and assembled, and the wiring is complex. It is not easy to diagnose errors when faults occur, and it requires a large demand for technical service support. The IED elevator all-in-one machine launched by delta solves this problem well, which not only makes the control simpler, but also provides security. At the same time, delta ied elevator all-in-one machine can save space and is suitable for passenger and freight elevator applications in different markets

with the improvement of domestic technology, China has become one of the major elevator exporters, and the domestic elevator control technology has been recognized. Subject to the impact of cost, China's elevator industry still lags behind foreign countries in signal transmission, drive technology and motor technology, which needs to be improved as soon as possible. Mr. fengjiaping believes that there will be three trends in the development of the elevator industry in the future: first, the size of the differential sample is small to the diameter φ 0.006mm golden silk integration solution replaces homogeneous integration products; Second, green environmental protection technology will be widely used; Third, the demand for intelligence and networking is increasingly obvious

some domestic elevator manufacturers do not have an independent R & D team and relatively rely on elevator component enterprises to purchase. They focus on improving their product integration ability and cost control ability, and can meet the domestic market demand for safe, reliable and low-cost products in the short term. However, with the expansion and maturity of the elevator market demand, the scale of elevator manufacturers continues to expand and transform from labor-intensive enterprises to technology intensive enterprises. The previous simple homogeneous products of supply and demand cooperation can no longer meet the needs of users. Comprehensive solutions for the elevator industry with differentiated competitiveness have become the mainstream demand of the market and the focus of future competition among elevator manufacturers

in addition, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a national strategic goal, and green energy-saving technologies will be increasingly widely used in the elevator industry. Whether they can take the lead in this aspect has also become a key point for the long-term development of manufacturers

third, the safety of elevators has been paid more and more attention by the society. The daily maintenance, real-time monitoring and investment costs of elevators continue to grow, which will promote the development of elevators towards intelligence and networking

Delta's core competitiveness in the elevator industry is its strong ability to provide industry solutions and excellent service capabilities. Delta has always adhered to the concept of focusing on the interests of customers, and provided industry solutions to help customers achieve economic transformation and industrial upgrading with advanced automation technology, leading and applicable innovative products and diversified in-depth integration methods

in the elevator industry, Delta's development strategy is not only to provide customers with a series of industry-specific automation control and drive products, but also to focus on providing customers with one-stop solutions. Mr. fengjiaping said that from providing professional frequency converters for the elevator industry to the current Elevator dedicated integrated controller, Delta has also grown into a first-class control technology supplier in the elevator industry. Delta's elevator products are also favored by elevator manufacturers and elevator transformation clients for their excellent performance, economic efficiency, safety and reliability

Mr. fengjiaping, manager of Zhongda Diantong elevator industry department

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