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Deloitte: oil and natural gas will still dominate in the next 25 years

recently, Deloitte's global energy and resources industry team released the 2011 oil and natural gas reality outlook report, which analyzed the trends and problems of oil and natural gas in the coming year, including the prospect of deepwater drilling, the sources of alternative energy, and the growing influence of the industry in Asia

Deloitte predicted in the report that oil and natural gas will continue to be the world's main energy supply in the next 25 years. Even though considerable progress has been made in the development of renewable energy and other alternative energy sources, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has caused a staggering loss of US $35billion, deepwater drilling continues. However, the global oil and gas producers are starting to review the application stage and have begun to look at their safety policies

the report points out that the non-traditional gas recently discovered in North America urgently needs to open up new markets. According to the report, shale gas is rapidly changing the industry pattern in the United States and Canada. In addition, oil and gas companies continue to invest in the North Sea. In the recent round of approval to make cars more environmentally friendly, a record 356 North sea exploration licenses were granted, which shows that the enthusiasm for investing in the region shows no signs of cooling down

the report also shows that Asia has become a hot land where the oil and natural temperature continue to rise and the gas activity gradually increases. Asian national oil companies have taken an increasingly proactive strategy in upstream acquisitions. Especially in China, the domestic production of unconventional gases is growing rapidly. While ensuring economic growth, China has made decisions to diversify its fuel supply and create a low emission environment, which bodes well for the prospects of the LNG market

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