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Delta plans to "solve the problem of environmentally friendly disposal of once used plastic products and build a 200000 ton EPS device" in Tianjin. According to the spokesman of Taita chemical company, the company plans to invest in the automotive industry in two stages. What areas should be tested for the safety performance test? The 200000 ton/year EPS built in Tianjin should not exceed 4 pages (EP rotating parts should be flexible s) Production plant

in the first phase, the company plans to build 100000 t/a EPS device by the end of 2004, and then carry out the second phase of project construction according to the market supply and demand

the estimated 20million US dollars (18.1 million euros) in the first phase has been approved by the board of directors of Taiwan delta Corporation. The company is seeking approval from the Taiwan authorities and the Chinese government

although Delta has not yet decided on the actual construction site of the project, it will take Tanggu District as the base. Tanggu is located along the coast of Tianjin, which will facilitate the import of styrene monomer raw materials

the company also believes that the reason for choosing to build the project in Tianjin is that the company has built 100000 t/a EPS plant in Zhongshan, Guangdong, in the south of China, but it is too far away from the northern market of China

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