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Delta group took a variety of innovative products and solutions to the East China Expo. From July 25 to 28, the machine tool industry in the Yangtze River Delta ushered in an annual event - the 9th East China Expo International Machine Tool Exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the largest machine tool exhibition in Shanghai and one of the three major machine tool exhibitions in China. It is understood that China's machine tool industry continues to grow rapidly. Last year, the sales revenue and profit growth of the metal cutting machine tool industry reached 25.94% and 30% respectively, and the industry sales profit margin also rebounded to 5.14%. In terms of product output, the output of metal cutting machine tools and CNC machine tools increased by 14.68% and 32.78% respectively year-on-year, both higher than the growth rate in 2005 (12.8% and 14.2% respectively). This machine tool exhibition is undoubtedly a review of the latest achievements of China's machine tool industry

as a model of a perfect solution supplier in the machine tool manufacturing industry, China delta Telecom, a subsidiary of delta group in China, took part in the event with a variety of integrated solutions and a series of supporting products

in order to meet the different needs of the machine tool industry, Zhongda Diantong exhibited a number of series of products in this exhibition, aiming at 2.7 batch experiments: for samples with the same parameters and economic lathes, Zhongda Diantong launched putnch4-t5.7 inch blue screen lathe system. Compared with the fully automatic and more intuitive integrated machine design, it is easy to install, high-definition 5.4 inch blue screen LCD display and clearer display; Putnch4cp-t 5.7-inch color screen lathe system with high cost performance is introduced for the reinforced lathe system. The design has compact structure, 5.4-inch color LCD, more friendly interface, 7-digit resolution and higher control precision; Putnch4cl-t10.4 inch color screen lathe system with more excellent performance is innovatively designed for high-end lathe system. Equipped with 10.4 inch color LCD, the field of vision is larger and clearer, the split operation platform is more convenient and flexible, the resolution can be set to 7 digits, the full closed-loop control structure, and the control accuracy is higher

at the exhibition site, the dynamic display of the lathe control system, folding machine control system, flying shear wheel cutting system and the special frequency converter control system for the lathe spindle displayed by Zhongda Diantong made the guests feel the perfect precise control experience. The most shocking thing for the audience was that Zhongda Diantong exhibited two lathes of the user, in which the CNC system of Zhongda Diantong lathe was used. The electrical configuration of one of them is mainly Zhongda Diantong standard color screen CNC lathe system, DELTA servo driver and medium inertia servo motor, which can improve the processing speed and surface finish of the whole system and have the function of automatic feeding. The other is a reinforced lathe system that attracts the attention of the audience. In addition to the characteristics of the ordinary lathe system, it also has the functions of rigid tapping, eccentric rigid tapping, indexing at any angle of the spindle, and X-axis drilling

at present, although China's machine tool industry is developing rapidly, there are still some deficiencies compared with developing countries. First of all, the market share of universal CNC machine tools is not high, and the product competitiveness is not strong; Secondly, compared with foreign countries, the degree of industrialization of domestic enterprises is too low; Third, the concentration of China's machine tool industry is low and needs to be further improved. Therefore, there is still a huge space in the machine tool market. As an advanced enterprise providing cutting-edge technology and automation solutions in the machine tool industry, Zhongda Diantong will contribute to promoting China's transformation from a big machine tool producer to a powerful machine tool producer. I believe that in the next few years, with the economic development of the country with the largest load as estimated by me, the machine tool industry will also usher in a more brilliant page

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