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Delta efficient electric vehicle charging solutions and Wanbang group strategic cooperation

Delta, the leading manufacturer of global power management and cooling solutions, today (10) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Dehe new energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiangsu Wanbang group, which will carry out a number of cooperation in new energy vehicle charging solutions, charging pile equipment and parts, and prepare piles in combination with the government, industry and other forces from all walks of life, Jointly promote the construction and coverage of electric vehicle charging network and boost the development of new energy vehicle industry. Delta electric vehicle charging products have passed the CQC safety and charging standard certification of China Quality Certification Center. It will continue its successful experience in overseas markets and deeply expand the market in Chinese Mainland. Zheng an, general manager of delta power system business group, and jijiangsude, President of Wanbang group, and shaodanwei, chairman of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed agreements with representatives that these products can be produced and converted quickly and effectively in a highly automated process

Zheng an, general manager of delta power system business group (right), and shaodanwei, President of Wanbang group and chairman of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (left), signed the contract on behalf of

Zheng an, general manager of delta power system business group, said when attending the signing ceremony at the 2015 China's first urban forum on the construction of new energy vehicle charging facilities, For many years, Delta has actively distributed the global electric vehicle charging market in which the collets such as the friction pair of the pin plate are installed into the spindle taper hole. In the overseas market, Delta has successfully established a solid cooperative relationship with many international well-known automobile manufacturers and charging system integrators. New energy vehicles are one of the seven strategic emerging industries to be developed in the 12th Five Year Plan of Chinese Mainland. Delta expects to further expand its market layout in the mainland and work with all walks of life to promote the popularization and development of new energy vehicles. Wanbang group is a leading enterprise in automobile circulation in Jiangsu Province. Delta is very pleased to provide Delta's high energy efficiency charging solutions through this strategic cooperation, and work together with the government and industry to build piles, help the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, and jointly break through the industrial development bottleneck of insufficient new energy vehicle charging facilities

Zheng an, general manager of delta power system business group, delivered a speech on behalf of delta. Shaodanwei, President of Wanbang group and chairman of Jiangsu Dehe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that promoting the popularization of new energy charging facilities cannot be separated from the masses. Only by promoting the power of the whole social class can we promote the progress of the whole industry, and Wanbang is an expert in the market. In the next three years, we will invest RMB 3billion to build 250000 charging piles nationwide by means of self operation + crowdfunding, and strive to become the most influential charging pile operator within three years. We have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Delta, which will provide us with solid technical support in the construction of national channel network, and the star charging platform we have built will also bring greater market space to delta. At this forum, we have received extensive support from local governments, main engine manufacturers, industry associations, car owners and owners who participated in the pile preparation. It can be said that we have initially built a united front of charging facilities with the characteristics of 10000 groups. In the future, we will integrate more resources. Only when the mountains do not reject the dust can they become large, and only when the sea does not choose the small current can they become deep. It is hoped that more social forces will join in the promotion of the development of innovative new energy industry and share the dividends brought by industrial development

adhering to the business philosophy of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, Delta has actively invested in the development and layout of new energy vehicle charging technology and the global market. Relying on the world's leading power electronics technology, Delta has successfully developed and launched energy-efficient electric vehicle charging solutions to meet the various needs of the extensive construction of electric vehicle charging networks. In recent years, Delta has completed many cases in the global electric vehicle charging market, such as the electric vehicle charging station of Hong Kong International Airport, the first fast charging station in Thailand built in cooperation with mea power company, the fast charging station of the composite power system experiment of Tohoku University in Japan, and the Riyuetan Lake charging station in Taiwan, and joined the research program of intelligent electric vehicle charging system of the U.S. Energy Administration, Launched a new generation of intelligent electric vehicle charger and charging station management system

delta electric vehicle charging products include 50KW DC fast charger certified by national safety regulations and with energy conversion efficiency up to 94%, as well as AC charging equipment tested by European, American and Japanese car manufacturers and meeting CQC, TUV, UL, CNS and other safety specifications. The solution completely covers the AC charging cable, AC charging pile, DC charging power module, DC fast charging pile, charging cable and charging station background management software system, and extends to the integration of delta renewable energy solutions such as solar energy, wind energy, LED lighting and other products. In response to the requirements of product design and quality from different regions, different end users and complex use environments, delta gives full play to the advantages of early layout and construction in many regions and countries around the world, and continuously improves the stability of product quality based on the feedback from global end users collected and listened to for many years, so as to improve the safety of users with more optimized solutions

about Delta:

delta was founded in 1971. It was the leading manufacturer of power management and cooling solutions until it was cut off. It occupies a world-class important position in many product fields. In the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, energy management and intelligent green life. Meanwhile, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving solutions

delta operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, the United States, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe. In recent years, Delta has successively won many international honors and affirmations. Since 2011, Delta has been listed in the DJSI world index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for four consecutive years, with five scores ranking first in the global electronic equipment industry; In 2014, the annual evaluation results of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) were announced. Delta stood out from nearly 2000 listed companies participating in the CDP evaluation worldwide. It not only received the highest grade a evaluation, but also was the only enterprise in Greater China that was selected into the climate per Performance Leadership index (CPLI)

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