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Mediterranean style decoration actually lies in the combination of soft decoration and fresh colors. Lighthouses, sailboats and starfish are common elements in Mediterranean style decoration. Let's enjoy the decoration renderings of three bedrooms and two halls in the Mediterranean of the owner's house of ink Tsinghua with Xiaobian. The owner is a newly married couple, who likes freshness and reading...

style analysis: Mediterranean style furniture was quickly accepted by people in large regions outside the Mediterranean with its very friendly pastoral style, soft colors and atmosphere of combination. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, at present, is more consistent with the view that "the romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty and nature of the sea and sky, sunny". Decoration files: Decoration community: ink Tsinghua (more ink Tsinghua decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Jiangnan beauty decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: Mediterranean contract amount: 100000

ink Tsinghua Mediterranean three bedrooms and two halls decoration effect pictures

I like comics, collections, a cup of mellow coffee in the morning, and calligraphy in the afternoon. I like all natural and comfortable life and have the motivation to fight for my future. The male host of the family has a rational and rigorous character, and has ideals and goals for work. Thank the designer for skillfully integrating our personality together and presenting it to us in a home style. At first, the use of color made my heart beat. PS: these colors of bookcase and shoe cabinet are not pure white! This is our painstaking effort to take the milk white color board customized by the cabinet company to the scene and let the painter adjust it to the same! The painters are quite professional, and such a construction team is very reassuring to us. Only details can be cast perfectly

decoration effect drawing of three rooms and two halls of Tsinghua Mediterranean ink painting

when communicating with designers at first, they went for the new American decoration style. Later, because after buying those foreign trade furniture, the style changed, but fortunately it was also relatively matched. It was more or less an unexpected gain. The speaker in the living room is first of all the influence of my favorite Yamaha. In addition, I bought an orange because the designer said that the living room should add some orange. Now it seems that it can not only compare colors, but also listen to our soul infusing jazz. We have to say that the designer's wonderful pen is a perfect combination of practicality and effect

ink Tsinghua three bedroom and two living room house type map

[introduction to ink Tsinghua community]: located in the downtown city center, within the Second Ring Road, the new Chinese villa near ink Lake Island is located on the island house facing the lake three times, with 27 townhouses and 9 duplex villas, which are scattered in good order; In the secluded winding path, the free, exquisite and elegant Suzhou garden and the 30 meter wetland park around the lake let you experience the broad mood of ancient seclusion and nature. In ink painting Tsinghua, products made with modern functions endowed by traditional buildings have more cultural connotation and comfort, and need a completely private space to live an interesting life, which can be best reflected only in Chinese garden villas

decoration list of the owner's home:

bathroom: shower room: Jiumu bathroom price 2999 yuan; Toilet Jiumu sanitary ware: 899 yuan/set; Bathroom rack, hook: Jiumu bathroom, 358 yuan in total

tiles: Marco Polo tiles, 7.8 yuan/piece, mosaic, 4980 yuan in total for the whole room

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 198 yuan/volume

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