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Since its establishment in 2008, Vogel has experienced eight years of trials and tribulations. Recently, the reporter of Huiya media interviewed Mr. Chuke, the marketing director of Vogel's wardrobe, and talked about how Vogel became a well-known brand in the industry with thoughtful and meticulous services

since its establishment in 2008, Vogel has gone through eight years of trials and tribulations. With a consistent service spirit, Vogel has gradually become a new star in the industry that can not be ignored. Recently, the reporter of Huiya media interviewed Mr. Chuke, the marketing director of Vogel's wardrobe, and talked about how Vogel became a well-known brand in the industry with thoughtful and meticulous service

five core modules condense strong competitiveness

"business is difficult to do" and "the cold winter of the industry has not passed". Similar laments are common in the industry. How to condense strong competitiveness in the gradually intensifying industry reshuffle is a problem that every enterprise is thinking about. As a rising star in the industry, Vogel handed over an "answer sheet" that many people are satisfied with - building the terminal store operation system

in the entrepreneurial stage, many dealers started in the form of mom and pop stores, but after the business has a certain scale, this model is not enough to cope with the increasingly complicated work, so dealers need to transform to the direction of corporate operation

with the attitude of being responsible for customers, Vogel undertakes the important task of helping dealers grow from "guerrillas" to "regular forces". First, Vogel business school was established in 2014 to provide professional and perfect talent training for franchised stores on a regular basis. Then, this year, a brand-new terminal store operation system was created, taking design and sales as the highest strategy, including five core modules to help dealers solve the problems of customer source, sales How to maximize the value of customer orders

the first core module is the resource module, which helps store owners solve the problem of where customers are; The second is the flow module, which improves the customer flow of the daily operation of the store and solves the problem of how to let customers enter the store; The third is the transaction module, which helps dealers get customers and solve transaction problems on the basis of the first two links; The fourth is the customer order value module, which helps dealers maximize the customer order value; The fifth is the service module. Mr. Chu believes that this is the real starting point of sales work. Good service can improve the referral rate of exclusive stores. If the service is in place, the referral rate of a store can reach 35% - 40%

According to Mr. Chu, this is a replicable system created by Vogel, which can be replicated one-to-one or one-to-one among stores. When this system is fully implemented, it can make franchised stores grow rapidly, and customers no longer have to worry about operation problems

win the terminal market with services

in 2016, when the building materials and home furnishing industry was generally depressed, the momentum of the rapid development of customized home furnishings was very eye-catching. As a product of the peace between manufacturing and service industries, whether enterprises producing customized furniture can provide considerate services determines their final height. Vogel has been committed to providing customers with high-quality services and providing the most powerful support for their terminal operations, store management and other aspects. President Chu said that Vogel talked more about service with dealers. As long as the service was in place, the dealers' loyalty to the manufacturers would be improved

Vogel takes "solving customer problems at the first time", that is, "Vogel efficiency", as the service purpose and "professional and worry free in the whole process" as the service concept. Vogel insists that customers are the bread and butter of the enterprise, and we should make the best of the service, both at the front end and at the back end. Mr. Chu hopes that by providing perfect services, customers can embed their sense of service in their hearts and become their concept when facing end consumers

in 2017, Vogel will step up to a new level, continue to improve the annual output value of a single point, move from a single brand single store operation to a single brand multi store operation, and build a well-known brand in the industry with high-quality products and considerate services. Eight years of precipitation has created the deep foundation of Vogel. In the future where opportunities and challenges coexist, Vogel will stabilize and forge new brilliance under the new trend of the industry





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