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MIMO information: it is less than two days before the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, but we have a lot of advance knowledge about this Olympic Games. The most common complaint we hear is about the building decoration of the Rio Olympic village. Athletes from many countries directly refuse to enter the Olympic Village, claiming that they would rather spend money to live outside in a hotel than in the Olympic village, Then let's see what's amazing about the Rio Olympic village

how bad is Rio Olympic village? The British, Italian and Dutch delegations simply hired some water electricians to decorate themselves. The Chinese table tennis team was also disappointed when they moved into the Olympic Village: the toilet lid and toilet were separated, the ground was full of garbage, and the team members even repaired the shower curtain by themselves! It's really inferior to the most ordinary small hotel

around the world, more and more people ridicule this event as "Rio adventure", because the daily life of the athletes can be described as "shocking step by step". In fact, the preparations for the Olympic Games were not perfect, and some media even dubbed it "the most unreliable in history". During the Rio Olympics, the Chinese delegation lived in a building. Since the first check-in, the toilet in the public toilet on the first floor has no toilet cover, a big hole has leaked from the ceiling, and the power line of the toilet switch is also exposed. For some facilities, the members of the delegation work together to stick the toilet cover with adhesive tape and fix the shower curtain rod. After the four table tennis "national players" checked in, they stood in the bathroom and installed the shower curtain rod that fell off the ground. The shower curtain rod was just hung on the wall, but it suddenly fell off. And the problem is more than that. When they turn on the faucet of the washbasin, tap water can only spray out intermittently

at present, the focus of outside attacks is mainly on security and Olympic Village facilities, especially the quality of Olympic Village facilities, which makes almost all delegations who have checked in complain. Of course, the Chinese delegation is no exception. Head coach Liu Guoliang said: "we were prepared before coming to Rio. We have participated in so many Olympic Games, and each time there will be some imperfections more or less, which will not affect us. We just need to adjust our mentality."

once again, thank our athletes for going to Rio for the honor of our country. From the above problems, we can see many decoration problems. MIMO (split) integrated stove friendly reminder: when decorating a new home, we must avoid these circuit problems, bathroom water and electricity protection problems ~ our Olympic athletes have already made sufficient preparations, and no matter how difficult the environment is, we must overcome them! The Chinese team will win gold! 16 sleepless nights, are you ready! This summer, watch the Olympics together and cheer for the Chinese team




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