Kuba China intelligent integrated modular kitchen

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Kuba kitchen appliances, originated from Shengzhou, the capital of kitchen utensils in China, has focused on making high-end kitchen appliances since its birth, and has created high-quality, efficient and fashionable kitchen appliances with the eternal spirit of innovation; Create your own kitchen style with a simple and beautiful posture. As an advocate of integrated modular kitchen in China, Kuba kitchen appliances adheres to the industry-leading standard to build a first-class intelligent integrated modular open kitchen

integrated, saving kitchen space

Kuba integrated stove makes effective use of kitchen space, and skillfully integrates all unnecessary electrical appliances into the integrated environmental protection stove while creating a clean appearance effect. Combined with the comprehensive consideration of humanization, the Kuba integrated stove calculates the most perfect combination and arrangement between electrical appliances, which not only facilitates the use of the kitchen and realizes the convenience of operation, but also the internal hidden space prepares suitable hardware conditions for the life of network electrical appliances, and completes the connection with the overall kitchen in the "silent color". In addition, 99.98% of the lampblack adsorption capacity makes the new concept of open kitchen fully realized. Multifunctional integrated applications and arbitrary fingertip control experience make cooking an art and life enjoyment

smart, make your home more warm

the kitchen is not just a pan and a gas stove that can cook. The kitchen should be a place where you feel happy all day and the sun is bright. In this way, the dishes you cook will make your family feel happy

Kuba integrated kitchen makes every effort to build a modular space kitchen, and adopts independent design for all parts of the integration. By introducing CPU bus technology, each functional component can be modularized and operated independently, with independent cavity, which not only improves the anti-interference of the product, but also brings great convenience to after-sales maintenance. The unique intelligent technology enables the Kuba integrated stove to ensure the micro pressure state of the cavity during cooking, greatly improve the cooking efficiency, and enjoy the fun of cooking all the time, so that you can feel different when you stay in the kitchen all day, so that the kitchen can meet your sense of achievement, and the delicious food can bring a good mood to the family all day

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