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Guangdong shield guard door industry, specializing in manufacturing high-end stainless steel doors and copper doors, grew up from small to large, home is the harbor

when I was a child, I went to school,

it was windy and rainy outside,

I felt warm and safe when I came home

when I was a child, the home was relatively simple,

the door was also as simple,

at that time, the villagers were relatively simple,

didn't care much about the appearance and anti-theft performance of the door,

just locked the door and went out

until one day,

I came home stunned by everything in front of me,

the door was pried by thieves,

the home was turned upside down,

mom and Dad were crying sadly.The,

all the cash and ancestral jewelry at home have been stolen. Although the police were called, there has been no result so far

the pain is unforgettable,

will never be forgotten,

is still dripping blood in my heart

from then on, I have a new understanding of the door,

yes, if the door is not good and the lock is not good,

there is no sense of security,

such a home can only protect you from the wind and rain,

but can't protect your property,

the money you earn through hardships,

will return to zero one day

as the years pass, I grow up,

I have a successful career,

the newly bought house needs to be renovated,

that painful memory reappears in my mind,

I must never feel pain again

go out and work hard, home is the harbor,

everything at home should be safe,

let me have no worries at home,

a rock solid safety door

guards the family's property,

guards your career,

guards the safety and happiness of your family,

even if it's a little expensive, it's worth it

shield guard safety door

is made of high-quality thick materials

through bending, welding, etching, forging and other

multiple processes, which is as solid as gold

multi-channel anti-theft and anti prying structural design, as firm as a rock

it takes 270 minutes for multi-point lock, C-level lock cylinder and technical unlocking

shield guard safety door,

gives you a happy life and quality enjoyment

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Guangdong dunweishi door industry, which specializes in manufacturing high-grade stainless steel doors and copper doors, covers an area of 25000 square meters, has won the "top ten brands in China's door and window industry", "AAA enterprise with quality service reputation", "national consumer confidence and satisfaction brand", and has been elected as the "vice president unit of the steel

quality door professional committee of Guangdong door industry association". (text/Lin yuanchu)





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