A decorator in Kunming claimed 190000 for falling

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A decorator in Kunming claimed 190000 yuan for falling when painting the wall. After a safety accident, a decorator who painted the wall had a spinal fracture. Who should pay the medical expenses of hundreds of thousands of yuan? To this end, the decorator filed a lawsuit against the landlord in court. On December 24, the people's Court of Guandu District of Kunming held a court session to hear the case

Mr. Peng, the plaintiff in this case, said that Mr. Chen would decorate the shop located in Kangsheng electric appliance city, and they were mainly responsible for painting the wall. On the morning of March 19 this year, when he was painting the wall, because the stairs in front of the store were withdrawn, it was inconvenient to go up and down, so Mr. Chen placed a scaffold in the store for construction. When he climbed the ladder to paint the wall, four wheels of the scaffold slipped and the scaffold was scattered, causing him to fall from the scaffold more than 4 meters high, causing serious injury

after the accident, Mr. Peng was sent to the hospital for treatment. After forensic identification, his spinal fracture and spinal cord injury have constituted a grade 8 disability, which has cost more than 50000 yuan. Among them, he paid 6500 yuan by himself, and Mr. Chen paid the rest. After leaving the hospital, he found Mr. Chen again to negotiate the claim, but Mr. Chen was unwilling to make compensation

the plaintiff believes that the plaintiff and the defendant are in an employment relationship, and he was injured in the process of engaging in employment activities. Mr. Chen should compensate for the losses caused by the accident involved in this case, totaling 190000 yuan

during the trial on December 24, Mr. Chen said that before the incident, he didn't know Mr. Peng at all. He just contracted the project to Mr. Liao. In addition, the scaffold that injured Mr. Peng was not placed by him. Therefore, there is no employment relationship between him and Mr. Peng, and he should not bear any liability for compensation. The medical expenses previously paid were paid for humanitarian reasons. The plaintiff's claim is groundless and he should not compensate

this case was not adjudicated in court




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