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Siemens enterprise communications released a new version of HiPath 4000. At present, the order is full

news on July 8, recently, 3 Abnormal display information Shanghai Siemens digital program control communication system Co., Ltd. (SBCs) recently released HiPath 4000 V5, a converged communication solution for large and medium-sized enterprises

the new version of HiPath 4000 supports video integration and openscape xpressions, and is a multifunctional unified communication solution. HiPath 4000 adopts open standards, which can integrate with existing TDM based and IP based environments. At the same time, it can also provide unified communication migration based on software, further protecting existing investment and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

hipath 4000 provides enterprises with the most options to make full use of existing assets, while allowing enterprises to adopt new technologies according to their own pace of development. With easy-to-use management applications, mobility options, unified communication options, IP connectivity and other functions, the solution helps enterprises integrate business processes and workflow

hipath 4000 also adds a new software based application - HiPath 4000 softGate, which is used to manage the deployment of phones based on cornet IP and sip, and provide multi-function and more cost-effective IP based communication for the whole enterprise (including small branches) to expand the utilization field. The difficulty of further expanding the export of China's machinery products is to increase the efficiency of IP based communication. HiPath 4000 also has signaling and payload separation functions, which helps to save bandwidth costs. Other functions include:

small branch office software solution (running on standard server hardware)

easy to use and low-cost management (running on Linux)

terminal selection: IP users (cornet IP and SIP)

PSTN and sip trunk connection selection (sip-q and local SIP)

"HiPath 4000 is a mature integrated communication solution based on open standards, which can provide enterprises with the most options, so that enterprises can meet core business needs and adopt the latest communication technology," said Mr. Ba Wudi, President and CEO of Shanghai Siemens digital program control communication system Co., Ltd.: "Now, enterprises can deploy software based IP technology in branches and unified communication in the whole company according to their own development pace."

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