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Siemens CEO Kaisa: innovation and digitalization can alleviate overcapacity

the 2014 China development high level forum with the theme of comprehensively deepening reform, hosted by the development research center of the State Council and hosted by the China Development Research Foundation, was held at the diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing on March, 2014. Live coverage of China's economy. The picture shows Kaisa, President and CEO of Siemens AG, speaking. China's economy peixiaoge photography

China's economy Beijing, March 24 (Duan Danfeng) on the 24th, the 2014 annual meeting of China's development high level forum with the theme of comprehensively deepening reform was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Kaisa, President and CEO of process Siemens AG, said at the sub conference with the theme of dealing with overcapacity that factors such as rapid growth and large-scale economic stimulus plan have caused overcapacity. Many countries except China are facing overcapacity. We should not only continuously improve efficiency, but also improve product quality. At the same time, He believes that we should take the digitalization of innovation and manufacturing as the key point to resolve overcapacity

Kaisa said that one of the biggest challenges facing China now is overcapacity. Overcapacity is caused by many factors, including the rapid growth rate, large-scale stimulus plan, and the fact that workers are not needed at the aluminum material handling site. During the global economic crisis, whether for China or other countries in the world, the economic stimulus plan does play a very important role, but now this overcapacity, In particular, overcapacity in individual industries has brought serious consequences

he said that the problem of overcapacity is not just faced by China. The capacity utilization rate of Europe's steel industry has also declined, and now the expenditure accounts for 70% to 75% of Europe's. The Chinese government is looking for ways to solve overcapacity, and is responding to this challenge in a very effective way. At present, China has made a decision to build new and open n) experimental reports: reports can be prepared and printed according to the format required by users; With a network interface oriented economy, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources

this kind of improvement will be more targeted, and it will also have a better response to the new demands emerging in the market development. Kaisa said that in the next few years, China will face the challenge of improving efficiency and quality, and will combine growth with global demand

in this regard, Kaisa stressed that this severe test is like a big wave washing sand. A key point to deal with overcapacity is the digitalization of innovation and manufacturing. After the large-scale manufacturing industry is reconstructed and upgraded, the production will be more flexible, the product quality will be higher and the cost will be lower. Overcapacity needs to be changed, requiring the government to introduce policies, including those in the labor market, which also need to be strictly implemented

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