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Siemens "digital enterprise" builds the road of industry 4.0 for enterprises

solutions are suitable for enterprises at all levels in all walks of life

virtual and real world integration to build a more flexible and highly available joint ecosystem

Siemens is building the road to industrial digitalization. In order to help enterprises at all levels in all walks of life realize industry 4.0, we further develop our own digital enterprise solution portfolio. Now, we can provide more and better solutions to meet the different needs of enterprises. He Ruiqi, a member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG, said at the press conference of Hannover Industrial Expo on April 25. With the four elements as the core, Siemens has continuously expanded its product line and solution portfolio, and launched many new tools, solutions and products. These four elements are: industrial software and automation combination, industrial communication, industrial information security and industrial services

Siemens' digital enterprises build a road to industry 4.0 in the process of experimental operation.

Siemens will show the audience how the virtual world and the real world are integrated into a more flexible and highly available joint ecosystem through the largest single booth of Hannover Expo. Within this ecosystem, both process and discrete industries benefit from the full integration of development data, production data, and supplier data. Manufacturing enterprises can selectively meet the needs of individual customers, respond to market requirements more quickly, and it is easier to formulate new business models. Whether large-scale enterprises or medium-sized innovative enterprises, they can obtain the most appropriate support and services from Siemens in the process of realizing industry 4.0. He Ruiqi said. Siemens will prove how enterprises can benefit from the integration of virtual world and real world through a series of specific cases. This year, four series of characteristic modules with the theme of industrial energy, additive manufacturing, automobile and fiber industry will be displayed in the central area of the booth. Through these characteristic modules, the audience can experience the meaning of these themes and get intuitive interpretation

under the theme of ingenuity for life leading the process of digital enterprises, * Siemens built a 3500 square meter exhibition area in hall 9 and launched the most comprehensive product portfolio, including the trial production of all solid-state battery with solid electrolyte materials with Sony, automation, drive technology, industrial software and other innovative achievements in various fields. The exhibits include the new version of fully integrated automation engineering software platform TIA botu V14, the latest version of engineering design software COMOS, process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 and simulation software simit. In the energy management exhibition area, Siemens launched a new 3VA molded case circuit breaker series from sentron, which meets American standards and has passed UL certification. In addition, it also launched a modular multi loop measurement system 7kt pac1200

recently, Siemens made another major decision. In order to expand the company's product line, Siemens announced the acquisition of CD adapco in the United States. CD adapco is a global supplier specializing in simulation software development. Its solutions cover many engineering fields, such as fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, particle dynamics, reaction logistics, electrochemistry, acoustics and rheology. Over the past 15 years, Siemens has been expanding the portfolio of software tools that make up the digital enterprise software suite. With industrial communication network, overall security solutions and mindsphere Siemens Industrial cloud, which can realize intelligent and rapid evaluation of a large amount of data, Siemens is helping customers implement the digital upgrading of enterprises. Siemens Industrial cloud is an open infrastructure based on SAP Hana, which can provide innovative digital services for industrial enterprises

the virtual production field and the real production field are fully integrated

Siemens also prepared highly consistent data model closed-loop manufacturing for customers. The model connects the individual steps in the technology value chain, forming a two-way flow of data between the development and engineering links. Thus, the production data and service data are integrated into the new product design process and the engineering process of the production process. In this way, data plays a great role in improving product quality and production efficiency. It is this highly consistent data that gives us the opportunity to meet the requirements of industry 4.0. He Ruiqi said

in the production of machinery and equipment or the construction of factory buildings, the fully integrated electromechanical integration of automation is adopted. 14. The partial solution of biochemical engineering to avoid faulty wiring can combine various parts into a complete device, such as motors, driving devices, valves and complete modules containing relevant detailed information in all engineering fields. Since the automation system also integrates TIA botu software, PLC programs can be directly generated and used for factory simulation. Therefore, this system can also be used for virtual debugging. This integration method greatly saves the workload of manual repeated data input, and no interface or maintenance is required, paving the way for the realization of engineering process automation

solutions for specific areas of the process industry

each set of solutions must be accurately tailored to meet the different needs of various industries. Especially for the process industry, precision customized solutions are more critical. To successfully realize the digitalization of the industry, the prerequisite is to accurately understand and master the needs of different industries and users. He Ruiqi said that Siemens' rich solution expertise stems from a deep understanding of industry and process knowledge, as well as solid automation, drive technology, industrial software and data analysis expertise. All fields of process industry are facing a common challenge, which is to realize end-to-end integration in all stages of the whole life cycle of the factory with the support of digitalization and network interconnection. In this process, integrated engineering tools, automated solution simulation and shared data models all play a decisive role in optimizing engineering and life cycle management. The key to improving productivity and flexibility of plant operation lies in cloud services and analysis, next-generation industrial control systems, on-site digitization, and highly reliable connections

process industrial enterprises can realize digital upgrading and transformation in different ways. He Ruiqi further explained that through these methods, the existing facilities can be gradually introduced into the digital world, so as to participate in the integrated operation and maintenance, and at the same time, documents can be converted into digital data

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* ingenuity for life is interpreted in Chinese as broad and profound, concentric and far-reaching

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