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Siemens China's energy business is transforming in the crisis

Mr. Xiao Song, senior vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

good morning, everyone. Today, I am very honored and pleased to be invited to participate in the China Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum. I am also the first time to participate in the industry forum, so I am very happy to make a keynote speech on behalf of Siemens China Co., Ltd

the theme of our forum today is structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, so I don't want to spend too much time in the next few minutes, just talk about how Siemens China business can maintain sustainable development and adjust the structure in the crisis

let me introduce Siemens to you first. Everyone is no stranger to the brand of Siemens. First of all, they think of home appliances, but Siemens is more an innovative enterprise that adapts to the general trend of global development and focuses on future development and green technology. In fact, the financial crisis is fair to everyone and contains opportunities. Siemens is also the first group of companies to take measures to deal with the crisis before the financial crisis. For example, through restructuring, adapting to global development trends, and positioning green technology, our plastic pipe business now covers three major areas according to its application scope and various materials it manufactures: the first major area is industry. The second is energy. The third is medical treatment. In November, 2008, our Chinese government launched a 4trillion yuan economic stimulus plan, which has four priorities: first, increase investment in infrastructure, and second, build a new eco-environmental city. 3、 Strengthen social security. 4、 Independent innovation. Of course, we have seen initial results in the past few months. It can be seen that our business portfolio is closely combined with these four aspects, especially the first three points. Therefore, first of all, I will talk about how to adjust the structure in the crisis when Siemens' business is transforming

Siemens comes from environmental protection related businesses all over the world. It has reached 20billion euros in 2008 and increased by 11% in 2009. It can be seen that Siemens has made great achievements in restructuring and business transformation. Despite the global business decline, we continue to maintain growth, especially in our green technology field

Siemens' energy has six groups, including oil and gas, thermal power generation, renewable energy, energy services, transmission and distribution. Our six groups are in a leading position in the world in their respective fields. Siemens is the only company with the ability to cover the entire energy industry chain of oil and gas, power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as products, services and solutions. We pay more attention to the understanding of the conversion chain, so that we really have a unique and difficult understanding of this energy conversion chain. We do, and we provide system solutions

Siemens has 50000 employees in China. It should be said that 95% of them are Chinese colleagues. Our energy business has 22 factories in China and more than 6000 employees, but most of our enterprises are established with Chinese partners. Our 90% strategy will not be a one-off purchase. The purchase volume of foreign companies in China is also rising significantly

the most important point is that Siemens promotes a diversity of talents. No matter your nationality, belief, gender, as long as you are suitable for this job, you can get this position. I just mentioned that the instigation speed of the loading speed instigator should be selected according to the load range during the experiment. Personally, I joined Siemens in March 2009 to lead the power transmission and distribution group, and we also continue to let more Chinese colleagues stand in the leadership positions, maintain the attraction to the most talented employees, and maintain the sustainable development of Siemens in China

next, I want to talk about the localization of production. Now our business of importing from abroad to China has declined significantly. Why? We will further strengthen the following detailed Jinan trial to introduce how to use the electronic extensometer: in localized production, I just mentioned that 90% of the 22 operating factories are joint ventures. For example, we are now responding to the call of the Chinese government to adjust the energy structure and develop new energy in new energy. We also use Siemens' technology and product quality in the field of wind power, The advantages accumulated by the project management and service institute will serve the development of China's wind power industry. Of course, we also continue to localize some new products, including some existing businesses, including the establishment of a third power production base in Wuhan in early 2009

(Note: the above is a brief introduction to the content of the guest speech. For details, please refer to the top 100 supplement of the electrical age published later)

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