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Development and application progress of nano polyethylene terephthalate (2)

the above five principles have been well implemented in Europe, and the situation in Europe has been fundamentally changed in recent years. From 1980 to 2000, the weight of wine bottles has been reduced by 20%, the weight of beverage bottles has been reduced by 80%, and the plastic film has been reduced by 75%. Its technical characteristics are the same as those 20 years ago

nano pet can enhance and increase nucleation. The tensile and bending strength are significantly improved, and there is no need to add nucleating agent. The use effect of nano PET beer bottles is also very good

pet bottles, metal containers, glass bottles and paper composite containers are the most widely used packaging forms in beverage packaging, but the packaging application fields of each material are different. In fact, the beverage packaging industry is the industry with the fastest development and the largest scale advantage in the whole packaging industry

paper composite materials represented by Tetra Pak as the control advantages of tensile testing machine, plastic packaging materials represented by PET bottles, metal packaging materials represented by aluminum two-piece cans and tinplate three piece cans, and glass bottles are the most widely used beverage packaging materials and containers. So, who is playing the leading role in beverage packaging? Where are the traditional advantages of packaging containers made of various materials? What is the proportion of packages made of various materials in a certain beverage

among bottled water, tea drinks, carbonated drinks and fruit juice, fruit juice packaging is the most diverse, which is consistent with the characteristics of small-scale fruit juice production enterprises, many brands and the coexistence of various packaging materials in China; Large carbonated beverage manufacturing enterprises have formed a series of packaging; As a new beverage variety, tea drinks have developed rapidly, but limited by conditions, the types of packaging are relatively few; The output of bottled water is large, but the types of packaging are the most concentrated, and the packaging varieties are also the most single

in bottled water, PET bottle packaging accounts for the overwhelming majority, and glass bottled water is concentrated in oneortwo imported brands; Metal containers are mainly beverage packages containing carbonated gas

tea beverage packaging is concentrated on PET bottles and paper composite containers

pet is dominant in carbonated beverage packaging

fruit juice packaging has the highest dispersion and the most diversified packaging. PET packaging, metal containers, glass and paper composite containers coexist

in terms of materials, PET bottles are the most widely used; The main application fields of metal containers are carbonated drinks and fruit juice; The main application scope of glass bottle is fruit juice; The application field of paper composite containers is concentrated in fruit juice, which is not used in bottled water and carbonated beverages

subdivided, there are also many pet bottles in beverage packaging: ordinary PET bottles for carbonated beverages and drinking water packaging; It is used for hot filling and aseptic filling bottles of fruit juice and tea beverage packaging

in the beverage market, the processing technology and technology of ordinary PET bottles have been quite mature. Both the two-step production equipment represented by Husky and s1del and the one-step production equipment represented by SIPA, koujing and aomugu have established their market position. In the future, the development focus of ordinary PET bottles will be a rare earth element oriented market with the focus on mold development and bottle shape design. With the intensification of the beverage market and the further expansion of the market share of famous brand products, personalized bottle design will be the goal of enterprises. In addition, beverage enterprises will have a greater demand for high-speed PET production equipment due to intensification

hot filled PET bottles for fruit juice and tea drinks have been widely used at present. With the rapid rise of tea drinks, the demand will increase rapidly. Compared with ordinary PET bottles, the bottle shape design of hot filling bottles is more complex and important. At present, there are few hot filling bottle types in the market, especially those tea beverage bottles that are required to be able to withstand higher temperatures. Although China has introduced a large number of advanced pet bottle production equipment, there is still a lack of bottle type development and other technologies. The relative temperature of hot filling and bottling for fruit juice is relatively low, and the bottle type design is relatively simple. However, due to the small production scale of China's fruit juice beverage production enterprises, they are unable to develop special bottle types, or even use large-scale high-speed production equipment. Therefore, the quality of pet bottles for fruit juice drinks is relatively poor, and the dispersion of varieties and specifications is also very high. Although there is a lot of room for the development of fruit juice in China, it is still difficult to form large-scale production in a short time

pet is modified with nano materials. The composite material made of nano materials can integrate the rigidity and heat resistance of inorganic materials with the toughness and processability of pet, so that the mechanical and thermal properties of the material can be greatly improved, and the barrier to gas and water vapor can also be greatly improved. Nano PET composites have excellent processing properties. When used in engineering, it is necessary to connect the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling before stopping the initial operation. Plastics can be directly compounded with other fillers without using crystallization nucleating agent, crystallization accelerator and toughening agent, and the products can be made transparent, translucent or opaque by controlling the processing conditions, which can meet different use requirements. The bottle made of nano PET composite material is an ideal packaging material for beer and soft drinks

in view of the excellent comprehensive properties of amorphous polyester sheet and complying with the world trend of environmental protection, the demand for this material has soared all over the world. Japan has developed new products of pet sheets with strong anti-interference ability. Although the price of PET sheet is higher than that of PVC sheet and BOPS sheet, it is widely used because of its high transparency, high strength, high function and strong environmental adaptability and recyclability (no harmful gas is produced during incineration). It is mainly used in blisters for industrial packaging, daily groceries, blister packaging and packaging boxes of washing products

4. 2 nano functional materials

in recent years, the demand for nano ultrafine powders in the world market is growing rapidly. Many famous companies in the world are developing this promising new material. Germany. Both the United States and Japan have established professional material development institutions for ultra-fine powders. Japan and Western Europe are the early developed countries and regions in the world. The annual output value of the developed ultra-fine powder ceramic products has reached more than 9billion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 16% and 19%. China has also developed nano calcium carbonate, nano zirconia, nano titanium oxide, nano silicon oxide, etc. Using these ultra-fine inorganic mineral powders as additives for plastics and rubber can increase their properties

compared with the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries, China's overall level in the field of nanotechnology lags far behind. China's ordinary nano powder can basically meet the needs of the market. China is a large textile production country, but most textile enterprises are low-level primary processing and production. We should improve the quality of our textiles and explore new uses. The clothing made of nano materials has the functions of anti ultraviolet, anti electromagnetic wave, anti-bacterial, anti odor and anti pollution, which is especially suitable for places with special needs. At present, the relevant scientific research departments in China have developed work clothes for oil exploitation, and the application effect is very good. The ferrite composite material prepared by mixing 0.1 ~ 10GM ferrite powder into polyester resin casting or extrusion molding has high strength, high rigidity, strong anti vibration ability, good chemical stability, and is very stable in strong magnetic atmosphere. Moreover, the material can be designed according to its purpose. Therefore, it is widely used in various vibration elimination occasions, such as microscope vibration eliminators, high-density disk substrates and railway sleepers. It can be used as vibration damping material for precision machinery and vibration absorber for microscope

by adding nano silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide to polyester chips, the composite material can be prepared into functional fiber materials with infrared shielding, UV radiation shielding, high dielectric insulation and electrostatic shielding, which has important application value in the national defense industry. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the national defense industry, the demand for functional fibers is increasing rapidly, mainly including infrared shielding fibers, ultraviolet radiation resistant fibers, high dielectric fibers and electrostatic shielding fibers. Nano silica can be used to shield the infrared fibers emitted by the human body

polyester (PET) is mainly used in the fields of fiber, bottle and film. Due to the poor strength, slow crystallization speed and poor dimensional stability of PET melt, it can not meet the needs of industrial rapid injection molding. Nano polyester has the characteristics of high strength, good barrier, heat resistance, wear resistance, light specific gravity, and excellent physical properties. It can replace metal and ceramic materials in the production of gears, electrical materials, etc

5. market outlook

in China, the production of PET engineering plastics has not been popularized on a large scale, only a small amount of production, which is basically blank, so it has great development potential

although the world economy has been in a downturn and stagnant state in recent years, due to the flexible economic policies adopted by developing countries, production has increased and export profits have increased significantly. The direct result is that the purchasing power of middle and high-income families has greatly increased. In terms of detergent market, the total global sales volume is 27billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate is 3%

polyester bottles started relatively late in the plastic packaging industry. However, due to the introduction of a large number of injection, drawing and blowing technology and equipment, PET bottles have been widely produced and welcomed by users with its excellent performance. In just a few years, it has become the mainstream packaging material for the packaging of edible oil and beverage bottles. At the same time, the demand in cosmetics, medicine and other industries is also increasing. The output of PET bottles reached 10billion, with an annual growth rate of 18%, becoming the variety with the largest growth rate of plastic packaging materials. Hot filled PET bottles have become the fastest growing variety of polyester bottles, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. The application of beer plastic packaging bottles has been in the spring. In the beer packaging industry, the use of heat-resistant polyester bottles (PET) has developed rapidly in the world in recent years, especially the application of PET bottle coating technology (plasma technology), internal coating 0 With 21mm carbon layer, its impermeability is almost the same as that of glass, which can withstand high-temperature sterilization treatment, so that its application range is expanded, and it is suitable for the packaging of hot filled tea drinks

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