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Siemens donated a $447million of the world's most advanced industrial software to the University of Western Australia

Siemens announced that it had recently donated a $447million worth of industrial software to the University of Western Australia (the University of Western Australia, which is a board used for experiments)

Siemens said that this donation will be used to help students and scholars at the University of Western Australia acquire global cutting-edge technology, so that they can improve the skills needed for a highly digital future world. Previously, Siemens also donated a $135million industrial software to Swinburne University of technology in Australia. The project aims to create Australia's first fully immersive industrial facility 4.0

Siemens PLM Software donation includes a set of advanced PLM Software tools, which are used for Ben Ainslie team of the Americas Cup, FireWire surfboard design, Red Bull F1 team and even Mars rover

Siemens' PLM solutions include digital product development, digital manufacturing and product data management, as well as other tools, such as Teamcenter product portfolio for engineering collaboration, NX software for 3D design, Si for predictive engineering simulation and analysis. This patent is called a universally tested machine mcenter product portfolio and tecnomatix product portfolio

Mathias cormann, Australian Minister of Finance and head of the Australia Germany Advisory Group, said that the two donations to develop forward-looking detection instruments are related to the recommendations and work of the prime minister's industry 4.0 task force

I am glad to see the cooperation between industry and academia to promote Australia's digital economy. As a country, we should focus on promoting the productivity of existing industries and establishing new competitive advantages, all of which should use digital technology

he said, but to do this, we first need to ensure that students who will become future workers can get the best digital tools and learn the right skills related to the future. I welcome Siemens' commitment to help train our future workers and prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

Dr. Roland Busch, global chief technology officer of Siemens, said that the funding for the University of Western Australia has enhanced confidence in Australia's innovation potential

Australia is world-renowned for its outstanding talents and talents. As the global market prepares for the fourth industrial revolution, Australia has the ability to ride the digital wave. Companies such as Mrx technologies and FireWire surfboard, as well as products such as Siemens fusesaver, have proved that Australian indigenous innovation can have a significant impact on a global scale. Busch said

dawn freshwater, vice president of the University of Western Australia, said that the software provided by Siemens for University of Western Australia students is the first in the world to dynamically display load values, displacement values, deformation values, experimental curves, etc. in real time; And the most powerful software tools, which have been used in the research and development of NASA Mars mission and the new joint attack fighter project. She thanked Siemens for its generosity and foresight

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