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Siemens developed a narrow i/o module for modular distributed i/o

Siemens Industrial Automation Group developed a narrow IO module with a width of only 25 mm for SIMATIC et 200mp distributed i/o

Siemens Industrial Automation Group has developed a narrow i/o module with a width of only 25 mm for SIMATIC et 200mp distributed i/o, which means that up to 30 modules can be installed on a standard installation rail with a width of 830 mm. The new module can be used in combination with 35 mm modules with the same design form as those already available on the market. The new 25 mm module product line of SIMATIC et 200mp includes the following digital i/o modules: Di 16x24vdc Ba, di 32x24vdc Ba, DQ 16x24vdc/0.5a Ba and DQ 32x24vdc/0.5a Ba, as well as hybrid module di/dq 16x24vdc/16xdc224v/0.5a ba

due to the same distribution of wiring pins, the circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams of 25 mm and 35 mm modules are common. The new module also adopts plug-in terminal technology that is easy to handle, and provides the required front connector with the module

simatic et 2 can easily realize the change of speed and torque through control. The 00mp distributed i/o system adopts a modular and scalable station design. I/o modules can also be used for centralized automation tasks using the new SIMATIC s controller. Compared with the 35 mm module, the new 25 mm module has a wider range of functions (for example, in terms of on-time delay, parameter allocation or diagnostic functions)

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Siemens AG is a leading enterprise in the field of electronic and electrical engineering in the world, founded in 1847. The main businesses are concentrated in four business areas: industry, energy, medical treatment, infrastructure and city. Siemens has been in China since 1872. For more than 140 years, it has provided comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and has established a leading position in the Chinese market with outstanding quality, reliable reliability, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation. In fiscal year 2013 (from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013), the total revenue of Xidui insulation door in China reached 6.14 billion euros, with nearly 32000 employees, 19 R & D centers and 76 operating enterprises *. Siemens has developed into an inseparable part of China's society and economy, and is dedicated to working together with China to achieve sustainable development

* this data refers to Siemens' companies with continuous operations in China

Siemens industrial business is the world's leading innovation pioneer, leading the development trend of global industry. With a complete product portfolio and solutions of innovation and environmental protection, professional technology in the industry market and strong customer service capabilities, Siemens provides full life-cycle product and service support from product design to production planning, production engineering, production execution and service. As a reliable partner of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the industrial business field introduces digital enterprise platform and resource efficiency into the whole product development and production process to improve customer productivity, efficiency and flexibility. There is a short circuit in the electrical system in the industrial business field in China; b. There are about 13000 employees with poor contact of electrical switches, which are composed of industrial automation group, drive technology group, customer service group and metallurgical technology department. So far, Siemens industries has established 8 R & D centers, 15 operating companies, 47 service centers and 6 training centers in China

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the industrial automation group supports the entire value chain of industrial customers, uniquely integrating automation technology, industrial control, industrial communication, industrial safety and industrial software, helping customers realize the optimization of the entire value chain from product design and development to product production and service. With its comprehensive solutions, the industrial automation group can improve engineering efficiency and shorten the time to market of products by up to 50%

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