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Siemens builds liquid insulated power transformers for enbw, Germany

siemens energy builds transformers with liquefied insulation for the oil production sites of enbw, a German utility company. Enbw company will operate the transformer under the real service state of the transformer, starting with China's material science and technology industry. The corresponding management departments lack the coordination mechanism and later study the product heat and power load capacity in the continuous service state. The transformer has a power of 40MVA and is manufactured in Dresden transformer factory. For this reason, Shandong Sida high tech proposes to apply computer measurement and control technology to the packaging bag pressure tester. The middle part of the machine is filled with liquid natural ester and is completely sealed. Compared with the traditional oil insulated transformer, the new transformer improves the waterproof characteristics, because its insulation liquid can be fully biodegradable, and it can also be used in fields with strict environmental requirements in case of fire

enbw is currently configuring this kind of liquid insulated power transformer at teinach substation near badteinach and zavelstein to investigate and sort out the practical characteristics of this kind of transformer under actual service conditions. In order to achieve this goal, the fully sealed transformer is monitored for a long time with the help of the monitoring system. Its purpose is to further optimize the transformer characteristics based on the monitoring results, especially to fully demonstrate the performance of the new product under the management of the same system. This kind of transformer is used to increase its efficiency and minimize the investment cost. At the same time, ensure that the transformer will be used for a longer time

the insulating liquid substance in this fully sealed transformer cannot contact with oxygen, which needs to meet special requirements, because the moisture after contact with the outside world will age the insulating substance. Another advantage of this environmentally friendly transformer is that its insulation can be completely degraded, and this liquid ester has a very low combustion point. This shows that the new transformer can be used in a wider range of fields and more stringent environmental conditions than the traditional insulating oil transformer

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