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Siemens digital program-controlled communication set up a booth in the German Center in Shanghai. As the leading end-to-end enterprise communication solution supplier, Shanghai Siemens digital program-controlled Communication System Co., Ltd. (SBCs) will display the latest enterprise communication solutions and services in the German energy center and the College Museum in the German Center from June this year. Customers will be able to watch, touch and even personally operate Siemens' innovative applications and solutions at the SBCs booth. They will experience how unified communication can help enterprises accelerate business processes, improve collaboration and promote rapid growth

from June, the German Center will open an exhibition with the theme of harmonious city. At present, the German Center has opened a 2500 square meter area for the exhibition platform: domestic and foreign tourists will fully experience the high-end quality of life here, understand the concept of sustainable development and future awareness, and cultivate energy awareness. In short, the German Center will create an example of modern high-tech urban life for visitors. This also includes advanced technology from Siemens. Siemens' award-winning openscape unified communication solution has been deployed throughout the German Center

in addition, SBCs also has a booth in the museum to display Siemens' enterprise communication solutions and service portfolio. This booth will be open every day for the next five months. In addition, from 14:00 to 17:00 p.m. every Friday in June and July, we will have professional engineers on site to demonstrate for visitors, including IP system, openscape unified communication and wireless solutions

please visit our booth

opening time: June to October 2010

location: German energy center and college hall, German Center, No. 88 Keyuan Road, Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai

inquiry: 800 8200656

email: cs@

Shanghai Siemens digital program controlled communication system Co., Ltd. (SBCs)

SBCs, founded in 1993, is China's business communication infrastructure One of the leading suppliers of solutions and services, belonging to Siemens Enterprise Communications Co., Ltd. SBCs is committed to providing global leading boundless communication solutions to enterprise users of all sizes. In addition to providing a communication facility system for a flexible and IP converged platform, now let's learn about the relevant experimental steps, SBCs also provides enterprises with proven business communication solutions, including call center, IP voice, unified communication, and wireless local area communication

over the years, in order to better optimize enterprise business processes to make them more productive, faster and safer, SBCs has developed different communication solutions for different industries, such as providing hotel solutions for the hotel industry, providing control command centers for public safety systems, providing open transmission networks for the transportation industry, and providing ideal professional scheduling systems for the power and aviation industries. Today, many enterprises from hotel, transportation, finance, government, manufacturing, power and public security industries have adopted Siemens communication solutions. Panasonic automotive electronics and motor systems will mass produce the material "polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin molding material for laser cladding" for sealing and bonding processing. Then the work will be simple.

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Siemens Enterprise Communications Group

Siemens enterprise communications is a joint venture jointly funded by the world's leading private investment company gores group and Siemens AG. The joint venture is composed of all branches and businesses of Siemens Enterprise Communications Co., Ltd., Enterasys networks and ser solutions. It is a new leader in the enterprise communications industry and has strong strength in unified communications, call center and security network solutions. Siemens enterprise communications group advocates the concept of boundless communication. With more than 14000 employees worldwide, it provides enterprise communication and data network solutions for enterprise users of all sizes. These solutions are compatible with any network and information technology architecture, and can help customers make business processes more efficient, fast and secure. In fiscal year 2007, the enterprise revenue of Siemens enterprise communications group was about 3.2 billion euros

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