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Siemens and Suzhou Guoke data center cooperate to establish the IOT enabling platform

today, Siemens and Suzhou Guoke data center (Guoke) announced to cooperate to establish the IOT enabling platform and implement pilot projects in the manufacturing and building fields. Siemens will rely on the existing cloud platform of Guoke data center and combine the industrial characteristics to build an integrated IOT platform, build a data center, and establish a public service platform for the digital transformation of regional economy. In the future, Siemens and Guoke will deepen cooperation to create pilot applications in the park for a number of vertical fields

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Dr. zhuxiaoxun, general manager of IOT service division of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said: on the road of customers' digital transformation, Siemens IOT service business can be described as an enabler. We help customers realize the service mode of integrating cloud platform based on their own data and infrastructure. Siemens and Guoke work together to provide IOT consulting and implementation services for customers of both sides, and help customers with other products adopt manual coordination with horizontal bubble (instrument) to roughly adjust the level, so as to develop new business opportunities and meet the changing needs of customers

what are the advantages of Guoke cloud based rubber fatigue testing machine and what are the operation steps of the equipment? What are the integration platforms of SDN (software definition network) technology? Cooperation with Siemens will further strengthen the cloud platform capabilities of Guoke and consolidate its enterprise level, customized, on-demand and pay as you go service mode. The IOT enabling platform will provide support for cross industry enterprises, drive transformative business value, and help enterprises benefit from reducing costs and improving revenue, quality, transparency, and forecasting capabilities

guzonggen, chairman and general manager of Suzhou Guoke Integrated Data Center Co., Ltd., said: Guoke is an important public technology service platform in Suzhou and even the whole province. We are happy to work with industry leaders like Siemens to strengthen technological innovation and digital transformation capabilities. We look forward to working with Siemens to bring customers innovative technology and industry insight, provide higher flexibility and greater value, and practice has proved to accelerate the digital transformation of customer business

in the future, the two sides will cooperate to adopt transformative technologies such as semantic ontology modeling, and provide these technologies to more customers through the IOT enabling platform. Siemens will also quickly build and expand the IOT ecosystem to meet customers' needs for digital transformation

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