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Siemens' companies have completed the benchmark test of 50million meters

Siemens' intelligent power management software emeter recently announced that it has completed the benchmark test of 50million meters. This means that emergyip, the smart electricity application platform of emeter, can provide the energy consumption analysis required by utility companies of different sizes, so as to achieve risk-free expansion. As part of the benchmarking process, emeter obtained oracleexadataoptimized rating through Oracle partner network (OPN) to avoid quality problems, which indicates that energyip has been tested and adjusted through oracleexadata database machine to meet the speed, scalability and reliability required by energy and water utilities customers

emeter was acquired by Siemens in January 2012. At present, it is one of the strategic pillars of Siemens' smart electricity business and the software leader responsible for Siemens' electric application platform. Emeter is also a gold medal member of Oracle partner network. At present, emeter's smart electricity application platform energyip has been widely adopted by power, gas and water supply utility companies in more than 16 countries

esacaswell, President of emeter, said: in the test, we achieved continuous meter reading of more than 400million times per hour, thus completing the whole process in less than six hours, exceeding the daily processing standard, and making the magnitude scale reach 50million meters. More importantly, we only use less than 60% of oracleexadata resources. These results show that energyip and oracleexadata database machine can work together to provide industry-leading scalability and billing level: energy consumption data. These data can be directly used in a variety of processes, including analysis, which should improve the energy efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution. Factors such as mergers and the growth of shared services mean that many utility companies have to cope with more and more data. The completion of 50million meter benchmarks ensures that we can help customers achieve predictable and stable performance through risk-free expansion and scalable paths

e but in view of the simple data requirements of force value detection, I recommend that the digital display model will have a high cost performance ratio. Shannonamerman, vice president of the global alliance of meter company, said: emeter company and Oracle have tested the scalability of our smart electricity application platform energyip through oracleexadata. Excellent test results show that oracleexadata database machine can meet the stringent requirements of large utility companies and cloud service providers, and has outstanding performance in the order of 50million

oracleexadata's test of energyip7.6 is based on various scenarios in the real world, including estimating missing data, calculating and providing time-sharing billing values, and updating database records about the installation of high-capacity smart meters and daily normal customer changes. These daily situations, combined with the metering reading process, require less than nine hours of processing time and an average of less than 50% of oracleexadata capacity

oracleexadataoptimized is a part of oracleexastackoptimized program, which enables partners such as emeter to use Oracle partner network resources and professional laboratory environment to develop, test and adjust their applications on oracleexadata, oracleexalogicalelasticcloud and oraclesparcsupercluster engineering systems. Oracleexadata has excellent performance and is an ideal database platform for OLTP applications, databases and various unpredictable cloud computing workloads. It is a complete suite including server, storage, network and software, with good redundancy, scalability and security

by obtaining oracleexadataoptimized rating, emeter is recognized by Oracle and can develop, test and adjust energyip7.6 on oracleexadata database machine. When customers choose energyip7.6, they can be sure that energyip7.6 has been tested and adjusted to achieve the best performance, scalability and reliability

chrisbak Er, senior vice president of sales business of Oracle global independent software developer and original equipment manufacturer, said: oracleexastackoptimized highly recognizes those partners who provide optimization solutions in the integration, integration and cloud function support performance of infrastructure, so as to accelerate innovation, release new functions, and create more value for users. Siemens' emeter company has received oracleex adataptimized rating, which has shown that its smart electric application platform energyip has been tested and optimized, and can work with oracleexadata database machine to bring customers the best performance, scalability and reliability

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