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Precautions for residential power consumption

1. Lighting power must be applied in advance, and it is not allowed to connect the power supply without permission

2. The electricity fee shall be paid in full on schedule, and the payment method shall comply with the unified regulations of the power supply department. If the payment is overdue, there shall be an additional late fee for the electricity fee until the power supply is stopped

3. The combined meter users should unite and help each other, share the electricity charge reasonably, and do not cut off power to other users without permission

4. Use electricity 2 Pay attention to safety in the preparation and utilization of electronic chemicals, and do not pull or connect without permission. It is not allowed to transfer the power supply to the outside without permission

5. The installation and maintenance of household appliances should be carried out by qualified electricians and should not be carried out in violation of regulations

6. Pay attention to saving electricity, do not use domestic electric furnaces in violation of regulations, and do not use electricity in excess of capacity

7. If the user changes the nature of power consumption without approval, and takes the average value as the hardness value of the test piece, China has recently taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology to move or change the power supply facilities (including billing watt hour meters), increase the power consumption capacity, etc., and the power supply department will treat it as illegal power consumption

8. The user has the obligation to keep and supervise the operation of the meter installed by the power supply company. In case of any abnormal situation such as meter stopping, burning, theft, seal falling off, etc., the user should report to the power service center in time. If the meter is damaged or lost, the user should compensate according to the price, and make up the electricity charge

9. The user should accept the inspection, supervision, guidance and management of the licensed personnel of the power supply department, and obey the unified planning of electricity

10. If the user does not use electricity for 6 consecutive months and does not go through the suspension procedures, the power supply department will consider it as automatic cancellation of the account, and it will be handled as a new installation when using electricity again

11. After the end of the user's power consumption, the impact value of the material must be reported to the power supply department to go through the procedures of dismantling the meter and canceling the account and settle the electricity charge at the original address

12. Strictly abide by the regulations on the protection of power facilities, and it is strictly forbidden to use electricity against rules and steal electricity

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