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Papermaking wastewater treatment and recycling method

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a papermaking wastewater treatment and recycling method. Under normal temperature and pressure, the cooking black liquor and bleaching wastewater are pretreated, separated, straw pulp acidified, separated, neutralized, and the materials such as lead screw drive and rack drive such as Peek (polyether ether ketone) or Pai (polyamide imide) resin can be operated at the same time under high temperature and high speed and high pressure by physical-chemical methods, so that the straw pulp, lignin and caustic soda in the wastewater can be recycled. The treated water is used for cooking and bleaching. In the process of treatment, there is no secondary pollution. The static mixer with computer measurement and control is suitable for grass pulping enterprises other than ammonium sulfite process, with small floor area, low investment, low operation cost and convenient installation and use

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