Analysis of common faults of the hottest clutch

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For example, if the motorcycle engine is the "core person" of the "organization", then the clutch is the "joint" of the "core person". Similar to the function of joints in human movement, the clutch plays the role of smooth starting, power transmission and smooth gear shifting in the operation of motorcycle. Therefore, the clutch is a key component integrating the safety, usability and comfort of motorcycle. Now let's talk about the main failure modes of the clutch in the process of use - slipping, abnormal noise and burning

slip - the phenomenon of slip is mainly manifested as: weakness, impulse, reverse and other phenomena due to the increase of load when the motorcycle starts, accelerates, goes uphill or other conditions. The main reason can be attributed to the friction force of clutch engagement that cannot meet the driving force required for normal driving

there are many factors causing slip. The following factors are for your reference: 1. The material difference of clutch friction plate. The wear resistance of high-quality friction discs (mainly refers to the service time under the same load) is more than twice that of ordinary discs under the same conditions. Of course, the price of high-quality foreign films is also more than twice that of ordinary films. Users can choose high-quality films or ordinary films according to their own needs. 2. The overload of the vehicle causes abnormal wear of the clutch. Many users, especially rural users, often ignore the manufacturer's requirements for the maximum load capacity of motorcycles when using motorcycles. It is often required to be overweight to more than 200kg under the condition of 150kg, which will aggravate the wear of the clutch and soon cause slippage. Therefore, users should try not to overload their car to achieve the purpose of protecting the clutch. 3. Improper use and maintenance of engine. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the oil is not replaced for a long time, and the high viscosity oil with iron filings is the main factor causing the surface wear of the clutch friction plate; Second, the clutch control mechanism is loose, and the user has not adjusted it in time, so it is quite dangerous to let the clutch work in a semi clutch state for a long time. It is understood that a well-known motorcycle company in China has repeatedly broken the main and auxiliary shafts during gear shifting due to the loosening of the automatic clutch control mechanism

abnormal sound - its main phenomenon is: abnormal sound occurs at the moment of load change or clutch engagement during motorcycle driving. The main factors are as follows: 1. The wear between the friction plate and the steel plate is uneven, which produces a sharp sound at the moment of joint. 2. Due to the viscosity of engine oil and other reasons, the contact surface between the friction plate and the center sleeve and the pressure plate can not be penetrated into the contact surface when the engine oil is filled with sediment and fixed, resulting in dry friction and abnormal noise. 3. Loosening of the locking mechanism or the adjusting mechanism during use will cause the dynamic balance imbalance of the clutch. After long-term use, there will be a large abnormal sound between the mating parts. Users can adjust and solve the clutch abnormal noise caused by the above three factors by daily maintenance and replacement of relevant parts. In addition to the above three items, the flatness of the clutch friction plate is out of tolerance, and the thickness of the friction plate is uneven, which can cause the clutch abnormal sound. This requires the clutch manufacturer to strictly control its height difference and flatness in accordance with the standard, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the abnormal noise of the clutch

sheet burning - the most intuitive phenomenon of sheet burning is that the friction material falls off from the main body. The main reasons can be divided into the following points: first, the friction materials are not firmly bonded. The main phenomenon is that some friction materials remain on the main body after burning, and the probability of this situation is very small, because the friction plate manufacturers will comprehensively test the adhesion of the friction plate before leaving the factory; The second is the friction plate. For example, the fixture structure is required to be small, non-magnetic, and cannot bear excessive load, causing friction. At the same time, it also increases the difficulty of friction plate ablation when they work on parts of the experimental machine when selecting surface roughness. The main performance is that all friction materials fall off, the appearance is carbonized and has the smell of burning. This phenomenon is caused by many factors, such as overloaded driving, poor oil quality, poor friction materials, and incorrect clutch operation methods (such as half clutch climbing, uphill changing. The study also mentioned the possible consequences of the proposed and recently implemented ban on plastic packaging products, such as gear boom, oil speed increase, etc.), which may cause serious erosion of the friction plate. Burning film has a great impact on driving safety, and it will lead to major accidents if you are not careful. Therefore, the majority of motorcycle users are urged to strengthen their safety awareness, use correctly, and maintain their car reasonably

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