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Precautions for installation of lamps and lanterns

when installing lamps and lanterns, attention should be paid to insulation treatment, especially in humid environments, such as toilets and kitchens, if the insulation is not well done, it is easy to short circuit. When wall lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, 3. Selection of range of tension machine, mirror headlights and other lamps are installed indoors, and the height is less than 24m, the metal * soybeans of the lamps: used to make seat cushions, seat backs and headrest shells should be grounded to ensure safe use

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from the current international and domestic situation,

large lamps, especially lamps made of glass, must be installed when installing hangers. 4. The operation of the spring testing machine is simple. It is necessary to use iron expansion screws. Do not drill holes first, and then insert wooden wedges to screw screws for fixation. This method is only applicable to the horizontal fixation of the wall, not the top surface. Plastic tube expansion is also not recommended, because plastic tube expansion will age over time

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when the lamp weight is greater than 3kg, it should be installed by using the embedded hook or directly fixing the support and hanger from the roof with expansion bolts (the lamp cannot be installed by hanging the keel support from the flat top). The wire from the lamp head box shall be protected to the lamp position with a hose to prevent the wire from being exposed in the flat roof

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when installing low foot lamp caps in toilets and kitchens, porcelain screw mouth low foot lamp caps should be used. The wiring and phase line (switch line) of screw lamp cap shall be connected to the central contact terminal, and the zero line shall be connected to the threaded terminal

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assemble all parts into one according to the installation instructions, straighten out the lines in the lamp, and pay attention to the unified wiring color, so as to distinguish the live line from the zero line. The installation methods are slightly different for different types of lamps. Generally, they are carried out in the order of installing drill bits, aligning the screws on the ceiling plate, drilling holes on the wall, installing expansion screws, and fixing the hanging plate, ceiling plate, and lamp body

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