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Precautions for the installation of 3 kW solar power generation equipment in Jiangxi

precautions for the installation of 3 kW solar power generation equipment in Jiangxi, "blue photovoltaic panels reflect clean and tidy streets, and every household uses clean energy." This may be a new scene in the future countryside. Photovoltaic power generation meets the construction of a new countryside, and photovoltaic power generation in thousands of households has become a beautiful scenic spot in the new countryside. With the development of economy and the popularity of various household appliances, rural power consumption has increased significantly. Experts speculate that rural power generation will increase four times in the next few years. However, electrification is only a step in rural construction, far from the ultimate goal of "rural electrification", and greater challenges lie ahead

the installation of photovoltaic power station on the roof not only has the effect of heat insulation, cooling and beauty, but also can create green income, preserve the value of your own roof, and play a role of green environmental protection. With the strong support of the state and photovoltaic, next let's introduce in detail the operating procedures and functional characteristics of a simple beam impact tester. With the rapid development of the industry, photovoltaic power station will also become a standard configuration, Become a well-known financial product. As a typical example of low risk and high return, the annual income of solar photovoltaic power stations is about 15% due to the support of national policies and subsidies from local governments, which is indeed a very suitable investment method for residents with roofs

how much is 5 kW photovoltaic power generation? At present, new breakthroughs have been made in eleven batches of high-end metal structural materials and special functional materials. The installation cost of tiles is 8k-1w yuan. Generally, the household photovoltaic power stations in villas are in the range of 5 to 8 kW, and the total investment is 40000 to 80000 yuan. Generally, the rural household photovoltaic power station is in the range of 3 to 5 kW, and the total investment is 24000 to 50000 yuan (the actual price can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the mechanical transmission part of the rubber tensile testing machine in the project). What are the components of solar photovoltaic equipment? The whole set of equipment is composed of photovoltaic modules, brackets, inverters, distribution boxes and other parts (no battery is required unless you have requirements). The installation and commissioning of the equipment can be completed in 1 to 3 days, and it can be used normally for more than 25 years without any changes to the original circuit of the family

according to the calculation of insiders, if the power consumption is not too large and does not exceed the first gear electricity price, it is more appropriate to go to the mode of full price in terms of current income. If you are raising two children alone and the electricity consumption is particularly large and reaches the third gear electricity price standard, it is suggested to use the spontaneous self use residual power supply mode. From the perspective of the national strategy, it is natural to encourage household users to adopt the mode of self use surplus electricity, which is also in line with the characteristics of distribution

two way electricity meters are mainly for users who need two-way metering in distributed photovoltaic power stations. When there is surplus electricity generated by photovoltaic power stations, the electric energy transmitted to electricity needs to be accurately measured; When photovoltaic power generation cannot meet the needs of users, the electric energy used also needs to be accurately measured. However, ordinary single block one-way electricity meter can not meet this requirement, so it is necessary to use intelligent electricity meter with two-way electricity meter measurement function to realize two-way electricity measurement. Precautions for the installation of 3 kW solar power generation equipment in Jiangxi

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