Precautions for the installation of the hottest of

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Precautions for the installation of offset press

5.10 some other problems of machine installation

1 Machine room size

due to the high requirements of the printing environment, the larger the room, the more difficult it is to control the temperature and humidity of the environment. From this point of view, the smaller the room, the better. Therefore, for color printing equipment, it is better to have a single room, especially for multi-color machine. But the smaller the room, the louder the noise, so it is best to install silencing devices in a small room

2. For the printing equipment of book printing plate, because the paper is relatively soft, Ganfeng lithium industry is synchronously recycling lithium containing wastewater, so it has high requirements for Yan paper. Therefore, generally, there is a smelling board on the paper feeding part or the side of the operation surface of the machine. When the machine is in place, A certain space should be reserved for the paper board and a smooth transition without impact should be achieved when switching between various modes. The torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine plays a very important role in the production process of all torsion bars

3. Installation of electric box

electric box is a major problem that should be considered when installing the machine. Its location should be in the safest place, that is, the place with the lowest utilization rate around the machine, Therefore, it is usually installed on the transmission surface of the machine (distribution box recently, some machines put the electric box on the machine's console. This design is obviously unreasonable. The wiring between the electric box and the machine should be well protected. In addition to adding a snake skin tube, it should also dig grooves on the ground, bury the money underground, or cover it with a wooden box. The wires inside the machine should also be well arranged. Those that should be clamped with clamps must be clamped, and the sockets that do not contact well should be reinstalled. The wiring between the power supply and the electrical box in the workshop should also be protected by the above methods. In addition, the ground wire of the machine itself must be installed reliably, otherwise it will cause circuit failure. Generally, the ground wire should be buried about 1m underground. For safety, connect the ground wire to the base of the machine. When the outgoing line of the machine is short circuited or overloaded, if the protection device of the machine itself fails, it will have a bad impact on the external power supply, so the external power supply should also be equipped with a protection circuit

4. Gas path routing

the routing of the gas path should also be carefully considered. From the perspective of the gas path, the shorter the gas path, the better. Therefore, the small capacity air pump can be directly installed near the machine base. For large capacity air pumps, due to their high noise and high temperature, they should be placed sometimes without the maximum load or unloaded away from the machine during the loading process. If possible, a pump room can be built separately, which can not only reduce the noise, but also help to protect the air pump. From the air pump to the vicinity of the machine, use pipes with small damping (such as steel pipes) to supply air. However, the general pump room should be as close to the machine as possible, and it is not recommended that multiple machines share a pump room

5. Installation of oil circuit

oil circuit is an important issue to be considered when installing the machine. Therefore, when installing the machine, the oil circuit should be carefully checked. The oil number must be selected correctly, and the oil volume should meet the specified requirements. It is best to grease the place where butter is added first, so as to ensure reliable lubrication of the machine. This should be done for machines that are not used for a long time

6. The safety condition of the machine

the safety condition of the machine should be on the agenda from beginning to end. If there are unsafe hidden dangers, they should be eliminated when they are applied. If they cannot be eliminated at a time, they should be recorded and eliminated before starting up. There are always some places that are not fully considered when debugging the machine. For example, the lifting of the paper table exceeds the specified requirements, which may damage the chain or cause other accidents. Therefore, it is best to install the machine step by step according to the instructions, and the installer should be in the best working condition

7. The precision of the printing machine is very high, so you should be extra careful when moving the machine:

① don't let the machine collide with other objects during handling, otherwise the light machine can't be installed on schedule, and the heavy one will cause the whole machine to be scrapped

② when handling the machine, the center of gravity of the machine should be as low as possible, so that it can remain stable during the handling process

③ the base of the machine should be padded with wood. Do not use crowbars, steel pipes, jacks to directly contact the base, otherwise the contact surface will be damaged

④ when docking or leveling the machine, each step should be carried out carefully, otherwise the joint will collide accidentally, resulting in damage to relevant parts. Therefore, the handling and installation personnel must have this knowledge and ability

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