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Precautions for selecting and purchasing laboratory instruments

1. First of all, according to the needs of enterprise products, the purpose of selecting and purchasing instruments is to ensure that the quality of enterprises' own products is controlled, so we should pay attention to the adaptability of instruments to enterprise products. For example, the test time before the furnace should be as fast as possible, the test report should be printed for incoming material inspection, and the authority of instruments should be considered for finished product inspection

2. The professional requirements of single products such as steel, steel wire rope and other production units for instruments can be appropriately reduced, while enterprises such as cast copper alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on should pay special attention to the professionalism of instruments. Generally speaking, the testing of instruments with strong professionalism is more accurate and convenient

3. According to the scale of enterprises, the demand for instruments is generally divided into three categories: large, medium and small. Large enterprises can generally be equipped with high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer and direct reading spectrometer, and the laboratory cost can be controlled at about 1million yuan

4. Enterprises with relatively simple conditions and poor economy for the time being can consider configuring non-aqueous carbon and sulfur analyzer, 721 spectrophotometer and 328ab analytical balance to prepare for the construction of a laboratory, and the total price of preparing for the construction of a 15 square meter laboratory is less than 10000. For example, at present, the vast majority of domestic enterprises should not only meet the needs of quality control, but also achieve timely and accurate testing. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai chlor alkali and Bayer materials technology can be equipped with a high-speed carbon sulfur analyzer with a high degree of automation. Through the effective use of resources and a microcomputer element analysis, the anode utilization rate is not high from the government level; 4. The thermal runaway problem instrument of battery system. The cost of the whole laboratory is between 15000 yuan and 18000 yuan

5. If non-ferrous metal manufacturers do not need to measure the content of carbon and sulfur, they only need to choose a microcomputer multi-element analyzer and sample balance, plus all chemical glassware and a full set of chemical reagents, the total price is about 10000 yuan

6. In terms of quality, price and service of instruments, the service ability of instrument suppliers is mainly considered. At present, the quality of high-end products and instruments, such as large direct reading spectrum, foreign famous products is better than domestic products, and the price is not comparable. The quality and performance of domestic medium-sized instruments are mostly the same, with slight differences in functions

7. Generally speaking, the service quality of manufacturers is better than that of merchants, and the service at the point of sale is more timely, but it also depends on the public service of each manufacturer to the society. Commitment content, especially the maintenance outside the warranty period of the instrument and the supply of spare parts and consumables

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