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Kesi Chuang introduces a new hardener to make the waterborne polyurethane paint dry quickly

Kesi Chuang introduces a new hardener to make the waterborne polyurethane paint dry quickly

March 7, 2019

in terms of wood coatings, solvent based polyurethane (PU) system plays a leading role in the world market. Due to the slow drying speed of waterborne polyurethane coatings currently produced, it is difficult for wood and furniture manufacturers to switch to systems with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, because they need longer time to further process their products

the waterborne polyurethane coating prepared with bayhydurquix, a new hardener from covestro, has excellent properties similar to solvent based coatings: rapid drying, performance and appearance of Chinese coatings. However, they release a small amount of organic solvents

however, covestro has now overcome the obstacles of switching technology: from March 19 to 21, the company will display the demand of western developed countries for peek in bahyd at the 2019 European paint exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany, with the sales of Boston Scientific at 46% (US $90million). This new hardener makes it possible to prepare high-quality aqueous two-component wood coatings. Its drying performance is similar to that of solvent based systems, but its VOC emissions are less

Dr. evatejada, an expert in covest's wood coatings, adhesives and special products department, said: "the water-based wood coatings based on new hardeners and specific polyol components can be sand dried in 35 minutes, so it does not need a long time to prevent dust. In less than two hours, the T4 drying time is reached, which means that the film is completely dry."

this means that the drying time is reduced by 60% compared with the standard aqueous polyurethane system. The service life is not affected by this, and according to the formula, the coating can be treated for more than 7 hours after mixing with the ingredients

Dr. Tejada will present the detailed characteristics of the new hardener, PLGA and product introduction at the ECS conference

bayhydurquix based waterborne wood coatings have similar chemical resistance to solvent based systems of the same quality category, which has been proved by extensive comparative tests. In terms of appearance, there is no need to compromise: there are as many waterborne transparent coatings using new curing agents as mainstream solvent based PU wood coatings

from a chemical point of view, the new hardener is an anion modified isocyanate, including aromatic and aliphatic parts. Despite its aromatic ingredients, white wood coatings based on bahydurquix do not turn yellow faster than standard solvent based systems when exposed to ultraviolet light or heat

in general, bayhydurquix enables coating manufacturers to prepare two-component wood coatings with VOC content less than 100 g/L, which are as effective and efficient as equivalent solvent based systems

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