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Xigao set up the injection molding training program in the Dominican Republic. Xigao group, headquartered in Hong Kong, announced a joint donation of $500000 to the Dominican Republic to implement the new injection molding apprenticeship training program. The country is expected to become an important injection molding center in Latin America

on July 27th, 2016, a professional injection molding company recognized in the industry signed a framework cooperation agreement with the export and investment center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD). The center is the official agency responsible for promoting international trade and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Dominican Republic

this donation also includes numerical control machine tools (CNC), electrical discharge machining machines (EDM) and related materials, as well as 60 tons of Weimeng Barton machine tools, which will be used to train apprentices of technicians who have gradually risen to the leading position in chemical related enterprises in Shandong new materials industry system in plastic processing and industrial molding

the group is currently investing about US $50million to set up a large-scale injection molding, assembly and packaging plant in the Latin American industrial free trade park in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, to prevent combustion and produce injection molding components and consumer goods. Factory products will be exported to the United States and other regions, further promoting the output growth of Xigao. At present, Xigao has an annual output of more than 180 million household and industrial products, including liquid conveying devices, water filtration devices, electric toothbrushes and household cleaning products

Mr. Donald hay, founder and executive chairman of segol group, said, "the new factory will not only promote local employment, but also bring new skills to the Dominican Republic. After completion, the Dominican Republic will become one of the largest injection molding centers in the Caribbean and Latin America."

Dr. Jean A. Rodr í Guez, director and executive director of the Dominican Republic export and Investment Center (CEI-RD), said, "our center plans to carry out an apprenticeship training program nationwide with the Dominican Vocational Training Authority (infotep) and other government agencies to train technicians to operate the equipment of the new factory."

the Dominican Vocational Training Bureau is an important technical research institute in the Dominican Republic. It is headquartered in Santo Domingo and has four regional centers. Mr. Donald hay added, "therefore, the location of the training program is very conducive to access to the Latin American industrial free trade park."

higo's new plant in the Dominican Republic requires skilled employees who understand plastic processing, can install and operate modern injection molding equipment, and can operate automatic equipment equipped with linear robots

Mr. Donald hay explained: "Obviously, we must have sufficient technical knowledge and skilled employees, and require employees to be able to use their knowledge to cope with the challenging manufacturing and production environment. We have always hoped to establish and train local technicians in the Dominican Republic, and at the same time adhere to our safety and international environmental protection standards for asbestos, which is the first material used in clutch pads.

Xigao will work with the international The famous plastic processing equipment manufacturer cooperates with the supplier Vermont Barton to carry out this training program. At present, the company has 9 production plants in 6 countries and 32 subsidiaries in major plastic markets

Georg tinschert, executive director of Vermeer Barton, said, "we will send Austrian teachers to the Dominican Republic and support three Dominican teachers to receive injection molding training in Austria. After the training, they will return to the Dominican Republic to implement the apprenticeship program. They will receive training on world-class injection molding machines. At present, only German training materials will also be translated into Spanish."

the three-year certificate/certification course of Xigao Weimeng Barton in plastic processing and molding includes theoretical knowledge and practice. The student course will be divided into two phases, including plastic processing, molding and mechanical maintenance

the course aims to build the skills of local labor force, provide basic tools and technologies for talents, and help them enhance their competitiveness in the plastic technology industry at home and abroad

Mr. Donald hay said that the purpose of higo's investment in the education industry is to establish and support the booming fatigue life testing system process and molding industry in the Dominican Republic, which has a wide range of plastic applications, reliable performance and low operating cost. He added, "providing people with more opportunities to access high-quality educational resources will not only bring more income generating opportunities to the people of the Dominican Republic, but also help the whole country lay a stronger foundation for achieving the goal of economic prosperity and shared prosperity."

the agreement was signed in the office of the Dominican Republic export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Donald hay, executive chairman of Sego, Georg tinschert, executive director of Vermont Barton, and Mike Hoyle and Dana perison, senior executives of Procter gamble attended the signing ceremony

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hayco is responsible for providing a variety of innovative products, manufacturing and technical solutions, and is the preferred partner of leading FMCG companies and retailers around the world. At the stage of product development, the group is committed to cooperating with customers to jointly create various innovative products that meet the needs of consumers. Xigao's internal capabilities include professional knowledge in product design and equipment, molding, injection molding, product assembly and quality assurance, and provides more than 180 million sets of products to customers in more than 60 countries around the world every year

at present, Xigao has established long-term partnership with a number of Fortune 100 enterprises, including church Dwight, home depo, K? RCHER, oxo, Philips, Procter & Gamble, target, Wal Mart and 3M. For more information, please browse:

about the Dominican Republic export and Investment Center (CEI-RD)

the Dominican Republic export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) is the official institution of the Dominican Republic responsible for promoting international trade and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). Its scope of responsibility includes trade and investment, legal advice, exports, as well as national brands and national brands of the Dominican Republic. For more information, please browse:

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