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Pharmaceutical cosmetics packaging leads the trend (Part 2)

osmotix: using cutting-edge science and technology

for pharmaceutical cosmetics, Ms. Porter believes that its marketing activities need to balance the relationship between drugs and cosmetics

in August 1993, Mr. Stephen and Frans? Ms. Porter co founded osmotics. Since its birth, the founder has been committed to developing osmotics into the world's top brand. Therefore, when the conditions such as cleaning and lubrication meet the requirements, it provides customers with medicinal cosmetics with medical effects

in the past 10 years, osmotics has established close cooperative relations with famous medical institutions and famous scientists in the industry to help them transform new ideas into practical products. The formula of osmotics products is unique. It is the crystallization of the world's leading biochemical research. It has undergone strict testing and certification. Its raw material formula also has a number of patents. Osmotics products are considered safe and effective after clinical trials

for medicinal cosmetics, Ms. Porter believes that its marketing activities need to balance the relationship between drugs and cosmetics. Medicinal cosmetics are intermediate products between drugs and cosmetics. Therefore, customers can understand the characteristics of medicinal cosmetics just as they know drugs. The pharmaceutical cosmetics industry can form its own industry system and spontaneously establish industry supervision rules. Therefore, she believes that FDA does not need to intervene in the pharmaceutical cosmetics industry

osmotics is redesigning the packaging of products, including new logo and outer packaging carton. These designs will give more consideration to how to ensure the tightness of products and provide customers with accurate and simple instructions. Ms. Porter said: the new product packaging will use larger fonts on the outer packaging of the carton, which is convenient for consumers to recognize and read, and understand how to use the product. At the same time, the tips of medical experts will be printed on one side of the package

osmotics' products mainly use fine pearlescent materials, or milky white containers dotted with bright purple and silver. Osmotics' most successful brand blue copper 5 series uses milky white containers with blue metal caps. Ms. Porter stressed: at present, we have replaced the traditional glass bottles with milk white plastic containers with higher technical content, and are equipped with bottle caps with good sealing. We hope that the products can accurately convey the concept of medicinal cosmetics to users

Dr. Hao's skin care products adopt packaging similar to drugs, with a large number of white, and the same series are emphasized with the same color.

in 1955, Rudolf Hauschka focused on the research, development and implementation of new renewable raw materials. Dr. Hauschka established Wala company in eckwalden and bad Boll in Germany, and launched skin care products named after Dr. Hauschka. In 2005, Dr. Hao skin care products has become a top brand in the pharmaceutical cosmetics industry. This brand is committed to using natural elements to create healthy and natural skin care products. In the United States, Dr. Hao's skin care products are mainly sold through some specialty stores (such as beauty salons and Spa halls)

pharmaceutical cosmetics have attracted great interest from Mr. Sebastian parson, CEO of Dr. Hao company in the UK. He mentioned that pharmaceutical cosmetics is an emerging market, and consumers are quite cautious about the unnecessary shutdown of this product, because this market has not been accurately defined and there is a lack of a sound market supervision mechanism. According to Mr. parson, the packaging of various skin care products under Dr. Hao is coordinated and unified. He said: our products can be divided into products suitable for the face, whole body or hair. In addition, our products are based on rigorous medical research, which is the main feature that distinguishes us from many other products

in Dr. Hao's product packaging, in order to obtain a pure and eye-catching impression, white was selected as the main color. Mr. parson explained that we like the feeling of freshness, purity and nature, which just reflects the natural essence of Dr. Hao's skin care products. In order to ensure the natural characteristics of Dr. Hao's skin care products, Mr. parson also mentioned that their products are packaged in glass bottles and filled in sterile factories. The product is placed under the environmental specification called rhythmic, and the product is strictly disinfected. Mr. parson stressed that glass is a very stable material, which basically will not react with the skin care products themselves. However, canning the product under sterile conditions greatly ensures the purity and safety of the product

pariken: advanced products, simple appearance

the biggest challenge comes from eliminating people's inherent concept of cosmetics

pariken skin care products like to use the packaging style of scientific research colors. Brown and white reflect a serious attitude. Dr. Nicholas pariken is a well-known skin expert. He is not only one of the best-selling columnists of the New York Times, but also has his own skin care brand: Perricone

when asked what is the biggest challenge facing the development of medicinal cosmetics, Dr. pariken said: the biggest challenge comes from eliminating people's inherent concepts of cosmetics. After all, cosmetics have a history of more than 100 years. In the past, cosmetics only gained the recognition of consumers through marketing, and its own scientific value is quite small. Therefore, people are biased against cosmetics and believe that cosmetics are not trustworthy. Dr. pariken mentioned that the packaging of pharmaceutical cosmetics developed by him was designed by himself. In order to improve the credibility of the product, Dr. pariken used dark brown and white to show the serious scientific attitude of the product itself

Clinique: the research center jointly established with Cornell Medical University is the first cooperation between a world-renowned cosmetics company and Medical University. In 1968, Estee Lauder and Dr. Norman olantry, a famous skin expert in Manhattan, jointly developed Clinique to provide customers with various skin care products. Clinique has been committed to the scientific research of skin care products since its launch. At the same time, Clinique has also established close contact with famous experts in the global health care industry, especially in the skin care industry through some sponsorship activities

on March 16, 2005, Clinique cooperated with the school of Dermatology of Weill Cornell Medical University to establish the skin research center, which is committed to the research of maintaining skin health. In the autumn of 2006, the center will officially open to the public. The establishment of this research center will undoubtedly promote the further development of Cornell University in dermatology research. This is also the first cooperation between a world-renowned cosmetics company and a Medical University, indicating the trend of in-depth cooperation between scientific research and clinical application. Cornell Medical University said: we are very grateful to Clinique for its generous support. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will further promote the development of human beings in the field of medical research, medical education and patient care, who can find gold in the research and development and processing industry of new non-ferrous metal materials

Mr. phillipshire, global president of Clinique, said: one of the reasons why Clinique is different from many brands is that Clinique has always paid attention to the forefront of dermatology research. The establishment of the skin research center shows our view. 37 years ago, Clinique had only one skin expert. Now, in order to develop more first-class skin care products, Clinique cooperates with first-class universities such as Cornell University, which is of great importance to us. The research center will establish a first-class treatment room, waiting room and information resource center. Customers can easily query relevant information through the computer information provided by Clinique. At the same time, Clinique will also provide the latest information about the research center and skin care

in the future, the research center will also launch the Clinique clinical scholar project and cooperate with other research centers. At the same time, the research center also plans to establish a skin care forum, which will become a grand event for professionals in dermatology and related disciplines to learn and exchange

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