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Test frequently, evaluate more, and improve the availability of the computer room

in modern management, there is a well-known "barrel principle" rule, and its core content is: the amount of water in a barrel depends not on the highest wood block on the barrel wall, but on the shortest wood block on the barrel wall. Using this principle to examine the computer room, we can see that the computer room is actually a "barrel". The availability of the computer room, especially the availability of the power system and environment of the computer room, is more suitable to explain with the barrel principle: "the overall availability of the power system and environment of the computer room" is not determined by the equipment with the greatest availability, but by the equipment with the lowest availability. There are many kinds of equipment in the computer room, which are highly systematic and affect the whole body. Only when the availability of each equipment is improved, the overall availability of the computer room can be improved

to improve the "overall availability" of the power system and environment in the computer room, routine maintenance is important, and preventive maintenance is even more essential. The daily maintenance is generally carried out by the power system maintenance personnel of the enterprise, mainly for the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment. Due to the complexity of the power system and environment of the computer room, this kind of maintenance is relatively shallow. The power equipment and environment of the machine room involve a wide range of disciplines, including power, electronics, computers, machinery, chemical industry, heat energy, etc. However, the knowledge structure of the maintenance personnel of the enterprise itself is often relatively simple, coupled with the limitations of tools, it is impossible to solve all potential problems in daily maintenance. For example, when electrical equipment is corroded, unreliable or overloaded, the device will generate too much heat. This abnormal temperature rise is difficult to detect in daily maintenance, but it seriously threatens the safety of the system. In addition, in daily maintenance, the actual load carrying capacity of aging high-power AC power supply equipment is basically not monitored, or it is difficult to measure, which often leads to a series of hidden troubles

compared with routine maintenance, preventive maintenance is much deeper and more specific. The so-called preventive maintenance means to monitor and find the hidden trouble of the system in advance through proactive testing and evaluation, so as to make up in time and ensure the overall availability of the system. Preventive maintenance has the characteristics of long-term, normative and professional. First of all, preventive maintenance is not once and for all, but must be carried out according to a certain cycle, and cannot be abandoned because of the "calm" on the surface of the system; Secondly, preventive maintenance is not random, but must follow certain procedures and adopt scientific methods; Thirdly, due to the wide variety and high complexity of equipment involved, preventive maintenance needs professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge. The normative and professional characteristics of preventive maintenance make up for the "inherent deficiencies" such as "shallow level" and "narrow scope" of daily maintenance, and become an important means for enterprises to improve the overall availability of computer rooms in the new era

while preventive maintenance has become an important part of the operation and maintenance of the enterprise data center computer room, which will invest nearly $900million in research and development and new production capacity, the implementation method of preventive maintenance has also changed. On the one hand, with the expansion of enterprise business and the deepening of IT application, the scale of the computer room is becoming larger and larger, the functions it undertakes are more and more, and the management is becoming more and more difficult; On the other hand, the IT personnel of enterprises are often very limited, and these limited personnel also need to focus on the core business areas, which makes the maintenance personnel of the computer room power system very scarce. Due to the above reasons, the "generation maintenance" of dynamic system has become a trend. In this case, preventive maintenance services from service providers, especially from equipment manufacturers, have become the focus of enterprises' choice for preventive maintenance of computer rooms

it is based on the deep insight into the "overall availability" of computer rooms and the current situation of computer room operation and maintenance, which accounts for 19% of the total revenue of polymer 3D printing. Emerson Network energy timely launched the "testing and evaluation service of computer room power system and environment". This service is one of the forward-looking service products under the "power front" service brand of Emerson Network energy. It includes three major categories: machine room environment test and evaluation, equipment test and evaluation, and soft environment evaluation. Each category also includes six sub items, basically covering all aspects of machine room power equipment and environment. This service takes prevention as the core and testing and evaluation as the focus. Through the use of professional tools and scientific procedures, it can comprehensively and effectively test and evaluate various factors of the power system and the computer room environment, so as to find out the "shortcomings" of the computer room power system and environment, and through the detailed evaluation report and therefore we adopt high precision The tensile testing machine with small error makes targeted improvement suggestions for its breaking tensile test, helping enterprises improve the overall availability of the machine room. At the same time, share the partial utilization and possible development trend of plastics in the field of sharing bicycles

Emerson Network Energy's "engine room power system and environmental testing and evaluation service" provides enterprise customers with a "preventive" and "physical examination" proactive prevention service. On the basis of helping enterprises improve the overall availability of the power system and environment of the computer room, this service ensures the stable operation of the enterprise's "task critical" system, and then improves the business continuity and security of the enterprise. The launch of this service fully reflects Emerson energy's "key business fully guaranteed TM" concept of paying attention to customers and serving customers

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