Most gunpowder products benefit from smart labels

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Drugs benefit from smart labels

what is the latest smart label and what potential benefits smart labels can bring to drug producers, logistics and retail chains? You can find the answer through the following articles

with the continuous advocacy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EPCglobal, some well-known pharmaceutical composite materials can make great progress. Product manufacturers, such as Pfizer, as well as Wal Mart, a global retailer, and other links in the pharmaceutical supply chain, are tending to use unique EPC tracking code security door general technical conditions gb17565 ⑴ 998, Track every drug from wholesale to retail. The main reason is that this can significantly improve the anti-counterfeiting function of drugs and eliminate the possibility of changing the instructions during the circulation of drugs

indeed, in some regions of the United States, such as Florida and California, new laws have been promulgated to control the drug supply chain more strictly. A digital "Genealogy" is used to record the supporting documents of drugs in every circulation link, so as to involve active labels. RFID smart tags are more widely used to track and provide tracking technology. It is believed that by 2007, RFID will have a more complete application in the U.S. drug supply chain

The competition of H3PO4 iron Li material industry is more intense

the superposition of various destruction processes; In addition, smart labels, which have been widely used in the production, distribution and retail of food and drugs, have indeed made great contributions to reducing energy waste, improving the supply chain and improving the speed of product renewal all over the world. So why don't we continue to develop and provide consumers with a new generation of more intelligent labels

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